Jedi Padawan Oath

“I promise to uphold the Jedi Code. I promise to respect all life and to help those weaker than myself. I vow to use the Force only for good; never in anger and only to defend those who cannot defend themselves. I promise to find new ways to improve myself so that I may be an example to others; to provide guidance to those that seek it, while not seeking to lead or rule them.”

This could also be considered simply a Jedi Oath.


3 responses to “Jedi Padawan Oath

  1. i like this oath! it is interesting i will have to study it

  2. you sure are living up to our greatest expectation. keep up the good work.

  3. It is very few, who have found the heights of wisdom enjoyable and persevered till they are non-injurious to self. But to see one also engaged in such philithranpic activities is very enlighting to my soul. Steve seagal didn’t do it. Bruce lee took two trys, but finally made it. I figure you had your trials and tribulations. thank you for setting the bar so high and doing such a good job.

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