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Warning to all who leave a message: I have grown tired of sifting through mindless drivel. If you leave a post, please be sure to make it intelligent to some degree. I am a philosopher who is very open-minded. But if you try to sell me viagra, cialis, a condo on Mars, tell me all about the Darkside, or start talking about aliens-I will delete your comment. Its a simple request that is quite easy to follow. Thanks. -Seti

Welcome to my Holocron of Source related materials.

Here you will discover both darkness and light, and all shades between.


Please note that, although this holocron encompasses dark knowledge as well as every other shade, I WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY NEGATIVE STATEMENTS ABOUT ANY

RELIGIOUS FAITH BEING POSTED IN THE COMMENTS! I personally am not Christian in the least, however if your comment is nothing more than saying how EVIL Christians or Muslims are, or you wish to sell Viagra…..please don’t comment. I’m tired of deleting your comments!!




Order of the Sith


This Order is run by Darth Draconis. Sith, Shadow & Jedi are equally represented in this Order.


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28 responses to “Welcome

  1. Very Interesting work here, this holocron has help me alot in the ways of the force over the last couple of months. You are very wise and I hope you will keep revealing the secrets of the force here.

  2. I am glad it has proven helpful to you. That was the original idea. Just a resource where various perspectives could be found. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  3. Seti, this place is truly amazing, this is my main source for knowledge of the darkside. Would it be possible for you to intstruct me on a more focused matter in the ways of the force I am willing to do whatever it takes.

  4. Cool website, Seti and very brave to oppose Jaccy. Truly a Dark Sider. 😉

  5. Very impressive Holocron Lord Shadim. But, then again I’m not surprised. Regards.

  6. Sean,

    I have been offline for a while. My apologies. I will, of course, remove the rituals as you request. I understand your viewpoint, but it is a shame that these rituals will no longer be available. If there is any way I can publish these without your name attached to it-please let me know. Until I would hear otherwise, I will remove them.


  7. I have removed the Ritual of the Baphomet, Greater Ritual of Baphomet, & Ritual of the Black Flame. I believe those are all your writings. If there are any others I missed, please let me know & they will be removed as well. Good luck in your new path.

    – Seti

  8. You have a great deal of material I did not have the opportunity to go through with the limited time at present. The idea of ‘Sithism’ is rather interesting. I remember looking into it briefly months ago. I hope to put what I recall into a more cohesive understanding of the philosophy a number of individuals seem to be utilizing.

    By the by, Haile, Lutheran, funny…

    – F:DM

  9. Seti,

    Sithism? Is this real? Or are you like all the rest? What is Sithism? Is it based that fake Star Wars stuff? Or is it root in something of substance?


  10. shakda jedi kight

    i believe that everything is real enough for our mind except more than others tho? you must first except the possibiality that its real than you will see the true nature of the force form both sides

  11. im impressed by the accuracy of your writing. keep up that good work.

  12. Sean,

    Thank you very much.:)

  13. Midniteliquid

    Very nice Seti. I am glad you have published a resource such as this for fellow soujourners of the Dark. My thanks again.

  14. I found this site after an exhaustingly extensive search, which gave me only 8 results matching all the terms I entered (of which, by the way, NONE were directly related to George Lucas’ STAR WARS films). I find it almost ammusing that while I myself am a die-hard and rather unique fan of the Star Wars saga, that my search for deeper knowledge in the ways of the non-fictional universe of our percieved reality have brought me to this site. I expect to be studying this site extensively over the coming weeks to see if any of the answers I seek can be found here….

    “Time is my only enemy, and will soon be my only ally.”

  15. Thank you for your post Nimmo. I hope you enjoy what you find. 🙂

  16. Salutations,

    Sean: It is just vaguely entertaining. I remember you as a teenage sycophant to Tani turned internet chaos ‘order’ leader. Somewhere along the line you attempted to fabricate a freemasonry inspired Lovecraft colored church if I recollect correctly. In the end to hear you became a Lutheran is funny, sorry. I did not / do not mean to insult you. Wherever your directives take you; all the better. My history inspires my laughter as well at times.

    Good praying.

    – Fra:DM

  17. Seti I Shadim

    Okay everyone, this is just getting weird. Let’s not play dueling religions okay? LOL

  18. Seti,
    Does the number 37 have any relation to the mystic numbers of the sephiroth?

  19. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

    Care Seti I Shadim,

    I like your stuff, you do good work. I also am an artist of sorts in this exact same genre, imagine that! There’s two of us, ack! Let’s get together in chat sometime so I can talk to you. I’ll check to see if you chat on that forum connected to this site.

    My other websites are:
    http://www.necropedia.wetpaint.com and

    You’ll find some of my poetry there and other…strange things.

    Love is the law, love under will.

  20. hey, great website, finnally theres some people that open up to possibility and negate realism… after all realism is the only fake, people live a cookie cutter lifestyle these days…. by the way, would you like to buy some natural male enhancement, it may increase the size of your member by 5 inches!, just kidding, but i can see why the companies think you might or fake people who do look at this website, might need some extra oomph.

  21. Seti, out of pure interest, why is there no link for TDSL on here? (I may just be incapable of finding it). There seem to be a fair amount of potential recruits here.

  22. Bro Tubul Cain

    Salutations on the Three Points

    Health Stability Power
    My Brother,
    I am need of a ritual to help me deal with one or a group who are trying to destroy our brotherhood with the power of Apep.
    They believe we hold a secret to their demise within our temple and wish for Darkness to descend upon our endeavors and Temple.

  23. Albion Lilly

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

    I do not recall giving you permission to use my artwork of Aleister Crowley. Your icon is my work. It is presently displayed at Lashtal.com. Please remove it or contact me ASAP.

    Love is the law, love under will.

    Albion J Lilly Esq.

  24. i wish Sean the best of luck. Many go where they feel they need to or have some type of personal awakening. I wish Sean the best of everyting. I remember when I opened the Illumates of Baphomet, it had a good run, and Sean gave me permission to use the rituals which are still used by many. The church of the Fallen went well but ust could never really take off and the death of John De Vito who wrote the Devil’s Apochypha was a blow to many, orgs come and go, but whose along the path find new things to learn and do.

    Sean has really influenced many and his name will be brought up from time to time even if he wishes it did not.

    Sad part is once you start on this path, and become a leader, well you will always be associated with it no matter how you try and hide things.

    Take care Sean.

  25. Religion puts mans morals on the shoulders of gods .Faith is blind,one of mans death in the name of a god makes him evil.Yet it is anoughther mans marterdom dependent on wich faith you believe . For your comfort reliigion gives a path to eturnal life So long as your life hasnt damed you to theire hell.Promotion of ones religion to the detroment of others .Indoctranation keeps the masses incheck through indoctranation they all spill out into the world as sheep waiting for their shephurd Relidgion is a meens of controle Its all missinterpritaion walk the path of Black White and many myriads of both

  26. We miss you dear friend.

    Chloe & Kayla


  27. Interesting information:) Will definitely visit soon!!