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From ‘The Book of Overthrowing Apophis’

(‘The Book of Overthrowing Apophis’)
The following text is from ‘The Book of Overthrowing Apophis,’ a late work, but one which conserves basic material from a relatively early period.

The Lord of All, after having come into being, says: I am he who came into being as Khepri (i.e., the Becoming One). When I came into being, the beings came into being, all the beings came into being after I became. Numerous are those who became, who came out of my mouth, before heaven ever existed, nor earth came into being, nor the worms, nor snakes were created in this place. 1, being in weariness, was bound to them in the Watery Abyss. I found no place to stand. I thought in my heart, I planned in myself, I made all forms being alone, before I ejected Shu, before I spat out Tefnut 1 before any other who was in me had become. Then I planned in my own heart, and many forms of beings came into being as forms of children, as forms of their children. I conceived by my hand, I united myself with my hand, I poured out of my own mouth. I ejected Shu, I spat out Tefnut. It was my father the Watery Abyss who brought them up, and my eye followed them (?) while they became far from me. After having become one god, there were (now) three gods in me. When I came into being in this land, Shu and Tefnut jubilated in the Watery Abyss in which they were. Then they brought with them my eye. After I had joined together my members, I wept over them, and men came into being out of the tears which came out of my eyes.2 Then she (the eye) became enraged3 after she came back and had found that I had placed another in her place, that she had been replaced by the Brilliant One. Then I found a higher place for her on my brow4 and when she began to rule over the whole land her fury fell down on the flowering (?) and I replaced what she had ravished. I came out of the flowering (?), I created all snakes, and all that came into being with them. Shu and Tefnut produced Geb and Nut; Geb and Nut produced out of a single body Osiris, Horus the Eyeless one 5 Seth, Isis, and Nephthys, one after the other among them. Their children are numerous in this land.


1 Shu the air, Tefnut the moist.
2 Same myth in the Book of Gates, division 4 (The Tomb of Ramesses VI, P. 169).
3 An allusion to the myth of the Eye of the sun god which departs into a foreign land and is brought back by Shu and Tefnut. Another aspect. of this myth is to be found in the Book of the Divine Cow.
4 The fire-spitting snake, the uraeus on the head of the god.
5 The Elder Horus of Letopolis.

Translation and notes by Alexandre Piankoff, in his The Shrines of Tut-ankh-amon (New York, 1955), P. 24. Cf. the translation by John A. Wilson, in ANET, pp. 6-7




Write your own wishes for destruction on your enemy. Set up with black candle in central altar. Weather you do this alone or with people, as you chant this walk around the altar with the candle on it, counter clockwise. Chant this and then read out your destruction wishes.

Principality of Fire, I call upon the Flame to summon you.
I call on the strength of all the Dark Creatures of Nature to summon you.
Principality of Fire, hear me as I call. Rise from the coiling flames!

I summon you in the name of the Seven Plagues.
Azazel, I summon you in the name of the charred and blackened stars that reigned at your beginning!

Cthonie, rise out of the darkness of the earth.
I call you forth from the subterranean rivers of blood, from the smoke of the torment which rises forever.

In the name of every Dark Spirit that is obedient to you,
I invoke you: COME FORTH.

Read destruction wishes. Then burn them up in the candle.

Let the flame carry forth my desires.

Gather up the burned ashes in a sealed container. Bury it

Let the earth carry forth my desires.

Let it be done.


Azazel, or Cthonie, and all the other names for this same alpha-defender is both Innocence, a defender principle of the 7 fold Light and is also the Abyss – Darkness, a horrific destroyer. It is also the manifest-defender of the alpha inner principle of Justice. It is also the destroyer of anti-anima as the pushing principle on that alpha. It is also the “mate” of the Ophion as it merges with this principle. Azazel is half here and NOT behind the “double locked gate.”

Source: Satanic Reds

Book of Wamphyri and Shadows

Book of Wamphyri and Shadows

by Coven Nachttoter



The Black Dragon Arises


Vampyrism, Through the archetypical symbols which have existed since the Sumerian period, such as one of the first known cult of Vampyrism, HEKAL TIAMAT, to Vampyrism in Transylvania as in the reality of the original Order of the Dragon, in which European hero Vlad Draculae was a member of, to current Vampyric covens through the centuries, to current period covens have always, intentionally, blinded the masses.


It must first be known that vampyrism is NOT at all a simple, or relatively quick path for everyone. Vampyres are more or less born dark, those who have been in touch with their darkside or shadowside since their childhood.


Vampyres do not view themselves as humans do, because we are NOT human in all tearms. Humans are sheep to our kind, we do not hold any place for compassion, tolerance or love for sheep. They are our prey, and lifeforce. Vampyres look upon their personal being as GODS, the humanistic concepts of mortals do not guide us in anyway either. To become vampyre, the individual must tear away all strains and weaknesses they have picked up since their first birth.


Do take note, this is not any easy thing to do, however, observe, this is only the beginning. The individual proceeding down this path must push his/her physical body to the limits, as well as testing mental and developing psychic strength. Psychic strength is highly important for developing the Vampyric will. Through a period of several years, the individual will slowly build the character needed for the individual to immolate his/her essence with the crimson of the dragon.


For most involved with BOTD, a parallel with traditional Satanism should be observed. If traditional Satanism defines pushing limits, going beyond what is morally “right” and “wrong”, “good” and “evil”, as well as implementing Aeonic, acasual and casual transference (ie. the Nine Angles), building a superior, elite occult fascist character then Vampyrism can be seen as an extension of the path of traditional Satanism.


That which does not progress, perishes! This is very true and realistic. Any initiate interested in the BOTD will be introduced into a very harsh will training and Alchemical change process. Most of this is done in Hermetic rituals, seperated from all comrades, friends, and lovers. This the ONLY way which will build material for a GOD or GODDESS.


While actual human blood (not animal) holds psychic energies obtained in advanced vampyric rituals, BLOOD ESSENCE (Astral lifeforce) holds the highest significance for such, incorporated through many different levels, is the path or partial key for immortality. The initiate vampyre will learn to set his/her mind from the individual human and realize ALL progressive change and evolution is caused by him/her ALONE! The Vampyre IS god itself. The Vampyre realizes that ALL other humans who are not amoung his/her rank or kin are prey and pawns.


Lifeforce is drained from humans through astral contact, as well as clairvoyance amoung others. The powers of astral hunting through dream and drinking the purest lifeforce is ONLY best described through the experience itself. The symbol of the vampyre who drinks blood from sleeping humans (Opfers) is not far removed from the astral vampyre predator – Known as Varcolaci – who drains lifeforce from the sleeping humans astral body.


Through the nightside, the vampyre through will and practice, can shiftshape, to hunt amoung the shadows. The forms can be several, Varcolaci (a form of demonic bat-wolf and dragon resemblance), to wolf and bat. This is all based on general and simple scientific law.


Vampyric communion is an essential part of vampyric survival and renewal. Secrets of Vampyric communion are first described in “ART OF WAMPHYRI” and further in “CTHULU”.


BOTD is currently guided by Clan Nachttoter, of Germanic blood, under guidance of acasual Vampyres, our goals are quite the numerous. Time will tell the significance. Our sigils to invoke the essence are two : The Wamphyri Pentagram, through the sphere, lifeforce is transfered, godhead is achieved. Nefarious shadows haunt any human uninitiated. The other symbol is the Nachttoter seal, the symbol of the Nachttoter Vampyre Family, descended from Germanic and Celtic blood. Members of Clan Nachttoter currently offer guidance concerning BLACK ORDER OF THE DRAGON trials and paths.



Circle of the Red Dragon

– Transcend the flesh in the form of Varcolaci –



This is the rite of dying and being reborn. The sigil is of our coven, our family – The Red Dragon, Tiamat. Of Nachttoter….

Those of royal vampyric blood. The altar should be located on the west wall if at all possible. Upon the altar should rest a human skull or well crafted model. The human skull represents the death of the human condition and rebirth. If the skull is authentic then some essence of the individual may be connected already – thus representing the risen essence – Beyond Godhead towards the black cloak of Azrael. A crystal should be implemented as well as soil from a graveyard enclosed within a cloth pouch. A virgin dagger.

Above the altar should be a large plate of the Wamphyri-Varcolaci Pentagram, as well as the seal of Nachttoter – The Red Dragon who is TIAMAT – Vampyre Mother of Chaos and Evolution, 77. Incense should be Frankincense or Jasmine. Candles should be red and black. Enter to die and be reborn.


With the Sword of the chamber, shape the inverted pentagram, focus upon the fire which be arise from each point as a result chant: ALL THAT IS BORN OF FIRE LIVES IN FIRE.


Through shaping the pentagram the sphere of Satan is opened – the true self is revealed. The Triangle of LAYLAH is to be drawn upon the wind, to inaugurate the symbol of night and death – equaling 77, the tract of rising-GODHEAD. An inverted Triangle should be inverted, focus upon the blood red eye which will glow as much as your desire allows.

Point the Sword to the Sigil of Nachttoter and then to the Wamphyri- Varcolaci Pentagram – Call the Undead gods upon the astral plane – FROM THE FOUR WINDS, WEST, NORTH, EAST AND SOUTH – UNDEAD GODS OF THE NIGHT, ARISE FROM THY CRYPT IN THE REALMS OF THE DEAD, SHADOWDEMONS, THOSE WHO VEINS HOLD THE BLOOD OF TIAMAT COME FORTH!


Hold the Virgin Dagger and the pouch of grave soil, focus upon the sigils of the Vampyre and repeat: I have lived as Moroii, transfering the lifeforce into the jaws of the undead gods, I now seek to ascend into the condition of Vampyre-Varcolaci, to die a mortal death and be reborn to the blood of the dragon! I spill my blood into the grave soil and transfer a part of my essence and being into this – My life-immortal-My WILL STRONG!!! TO BE REBORN INTO THE NIGHT! – Cut yourself deeply enough to stream blood into the soil-while doing so chant and visualize TIAMAT – A burning sphere with a blood red dragon – UNDEAD GODS – Witness the deication of the burning spheres, within I have absorbed the WILL of Nachttoter, those shadows demons of TIAMAT – I have died and been reborn into the WILL of the Red Dragon.


-Hold the crystal and focus upon the Chaos that your WILL has evoked and invoked upon the casual realm – Focus and inject your new being, VARCOLACI.


-Begin a sacrifice of Life force into the Wamphyri-Varcolaci Pentagram, once your astral eyes are opened you can see strains of lifeforce entering the pentagram. After the sacrifice, you may feel a stronger Life Force known as the Blood of Tiamat given back to your being – The Undead Gods give such a sacrifice to you.






Night Shadows and Varcolaci



Astral travel and the rising of the Varcolaci is an important step within the awakening of the Vampyric condition. In recent years there have been many books and articles by the so-called “Magick/occult society” who claim to have the secrets and system of astral travel. they call astral vampyrism “wrong” and unnatural. Is it unnatural for the wolf to devour its prey? Is it unnatural for man to kill cattle and other animals for food? An absurd notion for an individual to deny her/his true nature.


The Vampyre looks upon astral travel as a time of meeting with other Varcolaci who have taken to ascending the human condition. Varcolaci will roam the night and brain lifefore from sleeping (i.e.. unaware) humans.


It is, during these times that the Vampyre may shape shift into any form according to Will. The Varcolaci form is always usually different from vampyre to vampyre. Some often resemble the demonic shadows of the Varcolaci – Wamphyri pentagram, while some are more wolf-like. The form is according to will and can change when desired. Some will travel and feed from prey in desired beautiful forms, as white and flowing beings or as ghastly wraiths.


Astral projection is a several step system of meditation and control. To properly meditate and enter the mindset of astral projections, one must prepare the home or place of this practice in a quiet manner. Take the phone off the hook, turn the TV off, and make sure distractions will be to a minimum.


You will need to find a comfortable place to lay – a bed or couch. Incense should be burnt, either Frankincense of Jasmine will do. A red and black candle may be burnt, of course totally optional and rather unimportant.


Once you lay yourself down to begin, you will want and need to clear All worries and thoughts in general from your mind. Be relaxed and slow your breathing and heart rate.


From your feet up, tell yourself as you relax each part of your body. do this until your entire body is relaxed. Once this is done, concentrate on causing your astral to extend and take the form of your desire – it is All according to your will. Once finished, focus your mind’s eye toward extending and rising from your body. You will feel a strike of excitement but you will need to control this emotion and remain calm, nay very calm. The result if not followed will be failure.


Once you rise as Varcolaci observe your chamber and surroundings, look upon your sleeping body and absorb the feeling of pride of watching the sleeping human form in which you walk the earth in.


It is now time to rise and fly the night sky.


The Black Wraiths Ascend



Now that you have risen, you may pass through doors and windows. Float beyond your chamber through a door or window into the night. As you float through you will feel the power that is within the self and only begin to realize your possibilities of being Vampyr.


Once you enter the night, take some time to observe the surroundings, remember your astral eyes are now open and only now can you truly see. things may be a bit different now and you might see things you normally do not ever notice.


A word of caution however, once you have risen as Varcolaci it should be aware that you have practiced a path of inner strength and will to power. The reason is once you enter the state of dream and rise as varcolaci then are you open to the spirits and outer beings and energies within the nightside as well. You are only as safe as you will it. If you travel and float with fear, the predators, others as you may take scent of it… Wolves Smell Fear… a lovely scent for hunting the spirit.


Fly with joy into the night sky and travel where ever you wish to go. You will want to feed upon a sleeping human, for the life force in this state is so pure. Enter their home, float to their sleeping chambers ad watch them with your astral eyes… notice the life force, the astral body which lays with the sleeping opfer.


Float beside them and smell the life force flow through their veins. It is now time to feast and taste the blood which is the life. With your will, send forth a vampyric tendril and make contact with the life force. Once you do so, begin to draw it in deeply, enjoy each slow drain until you are satisfied.


Once you finish draining the opfer, detach yourself and once again enter the night. you will feel much stronger, more invigorated than before. Fly as the bat within the night and enjoy all that is being Vampyr. You are predator and it is your natural duty to feed from humans.


For those advanced into the black arts of wamphyri, there are certain keys to entering other dimensions… however this is only for the inner circle of Coven Nachttoter and is a mystery of the coven. When this is obtained, many strange things will be seen and be sure it is mystery for a good reason. One must be prepared when entering a predatory state… or else he/she becomes prey.


Once you have haunted the night and you are ready to return to your human form let your instincts guide you back to your dwelling… you metaphoric tomb/grave. once you have entered your body then open thy eyes! Behold, you are as god itself. Now open the gates to further realms of Darkness.




The Wake of the Red Death

A Ritual of Destruction



“The Masque of the Red Death” is a very powerful tale by Edgar Allen Poe, the late poet and writer who raised the level of literature during his time which has changed the field of writing and those interested in the macabre for all time. Poe used a great deal of symbolism in his works, a manifestation of death incarnated into the archetypical Red Death, the tall and gaunt figure of blood reds cloaked in the shrouds of the dead. The Red Death is implemented in this destruction rite as the plague bearer, an extention of Azrael – the Angel of Death as a messanger of Will.


This ritual is to be done during the night, past midnight for then the powers of the astral waves are yours to manipulte and man is vunerable at night, more of a chance o success if they are not of strong mind and spirit. If they are as an equal, then there are several secrets in the destruction not listed in these pages. this is either a hermetic rite or could be ceremonial as well.


The Sorceror is to be clothed in a blood red cloak and/or robe. The Sorceror should also be clothed in a white grave shroud which would be placed under the robe or cloak. The face should be streaked in blood red paint or blood, same with any bare skin shown. A personal item of the inteded opfer must be present, be it either a cloth, photograph, paper, etc. A crystal should also be present as well as bones, dagger, above the altar the Wamphyri – Varcolaci Pentagram and the Sigil of Nachttoter – The Red Dragon.


This night you shall become vengence and anger – The law of Abraxas is implemented – The spirit of Kali is invoked. Love love and love causing destruction to those who have crossed you.


The Red Death Awakes


Shrouded in the habliments of the grave, take in your hands the grave soil in which you have blessed as your own, in the other the crystal which you store within your acausal energy.


Face the sigil of the Red Dragon and the Wampyre – Varcolaci Pentagram and visualize fire and blood entering yuour being, filling you with violent and destructive energy – Demonic shapes for within your mind, shaping according to your desire. The Red Death you become this night – Chant:

Tiamat – Mother of Vampyres and mother of immortality – I seek thy energy – thy life – This Dark night I invoke the powers of destruction to spread destruction to my enemy! I will remain un-harmed from this calling and it is my Will that the joy of causing death to my enemies is one of the ultimate pleaures of existence! I am Vampyre – All humans shall bow before my might and strength – For under the bloodied kiss of LADLAH I have risen!


I invoke the Vampyre Earth Goddess KALI, Mother hear calling and enter my sanctuary and my being – I am GOD! Blood drenched mother of nightmares, My enemy is to be devoured this night through MY WILL! MY DESIRE! MY LAW! Just as I cause Joy and Love to myself and others i can and also do DESTROY those who break my law – Hail Death! I now become the RED DEATH, fill me with the spirit – I am of Nachttoter – Blood of the Dragon fills my veins! The fire of Satan envelopes me, enpowering my being through my desire. the svastika of EA spins fast, causing life, love and destruction according to the strong and clever.




Take hold of the opfer’s personal item, feel the astral energy of the opfer.

Raise the dagger and repeat:


Through the sigil of the Red Dragon and the Varcolaci Pentagram I condemn thee to Death – – NAME – – My astral talons are reaching to your dormant body and spirit, I am the Plague Bearer, Vampyre. I cast 1,000 diseases towards they life breathe, infecting you with torment and black death… This is my Will.. This is my Law! I drain from your body thy precious life force and install the breath of the Plague – the RED DEATH now upon thy spirit to suffer and writhe in agonizing pain. – – name – -, your life orce is mine to feast upon. The Red Death is above thee…


In hale deeply the life force from the object. Visualize plague and death infecting the intended opfer and the slow death which affects them.. rejoyce in the death and blood.

Mother KALI, I give thee honor as I give myself joy! Victory is mine! Joy to a burning planet which ABRAXAS RULES! SATAN I AM THEE AS 77 – This is my Law – the Joy of the world and the beauty of Night and LADLAH!! I stalk the nightmares of thy enemies – I AM THE RED DEATH!!!! I AM VAMPYRE!!!!





“The Moon Drips of Blood:

The Wolf (Varcolaci)”

(A Raven and Serpent Masquerade excerpt by Peter Nachtgeist and Michael Nachttoter)



The wolf represents the moon and the strength which flows from it’s light. The feelings and emotions awakened in the heart of the predator by the glowing and enveloping fullmoon, are in nature similar to the dark, mysterious moods that the sound of howling wolves inspires.


We, Vampyres, predators of humans – visualize ourselves as the darkness of nature, nature unveiled. Strong, pure and beautiful. – When the night cloaks my thoughts, and by darkness I’m embraced, when the mist is colored red, and the moon drips of blood, when the chill bites my skin, and I ride the winds of Death, when the shadows haunt the night I lust for my nightly sip.. (Moonthirst)


Nocturnals do not fear death, as death only means returning to the infinite darkness, the Dragon’s Womb – as well as for the risen ones – Varcolaci – Vampyres who have achieved Immortality.


Vampyrieth 77


The scorpion symbolizes the starts and the drape of cold and dark infinity in which they lay in wait. The scorpion is strength and honor – love and life – It is also the harvester of Death.


The Raven represents the darkness that cloaks out spirits.

The Raven seems to paint pictures of plague, death and misery.

The Raven or us is our nature and being. We are of the night.


From the Flesh to Spirit



From the lands of Transylvania and what is now Romania and Hungary comes the Astral vampire known as Varcolaci. The Varcolaci is said to during the night hours, rise from their physical form and under the cover of shadows, ascend towards the nocturnal sky and drink blood from the moon.


Varcolaci is known to appear as a wolf with many mouths, a small dragon or a blackened shape of a demonic winged ghost, filled with an aura of death and lust. In the folklore of Transylvania Varcolaci can travel in several ways: When a woman spins thread alone in the darkness, she may create an astral thread in which the Varcolaci may rise into the sky to devour the moon. Often, the thread would be spun from the accumulated dust and dirt towards the sun and moon, the woman would be covered in blood and continue to spin. She would then have completed the bridge for Varcolaci, therein to wander the dark portals of the cosmos to attack the heavenly bodies.


The reality of Varcolaci is so very true. A Vampire is also in fact Varcolaci, once the discipline of Astral Traveling is Achieved, then Varcolaci is able to develop and rise as a demon of great power. This is the path of immortality, of predator and prey.


While our kind does not exercise just the rising of Varcolaci as it’s primary discipline of vampyrism, the condition and exercise of Astral hunting is very important towards the developing of the Vampyric Godhead, in which under the control of 77 all is possible within Will.


Varcolaci is usually soil based, during the waking hours the Vampyr will walk the earth. When the time for physical rest comes, the Vampyr will then leave his physical body. During this the vampyr is able to shape shift at will.


The Varcolaci will rise especially when the moon turns a blood red or copper color. The dark spirits will then drink astral blood from either the moon, stars, or the sleeping opfer. Remember, the dream is reality and all is formed within the dream.


It is to be known the astral wars are not yet over, that there is to be two rivers of human blood and astral blood poured from the cosmos, that our harvest will come and we shall take heed of the powers in which we sustain as being the Vammpyric Godhead.


Folklore and Reality of the Germanic Vampire Races


In this section we will investigate the folklore and reality of the German Vampire races. Each differs in some way or another depending on the location. Common in folklore is that vampires eat from their own corpse before they rise from their coffins to prey upon human opfers. They would often lure opfers to their graves and by fog and funeral dust they rise to drink the blood which is the life. German vampires are often viewed as spreading plagues, like a cold wave their will calls upon rats and the army of the night to do their bidding. Below is the truth and lie of the vampire.



A german Vampirelike spirit associated with the Incubus and the Succubus, tormenting the nights and dreams of man and woman, driving them toward sexual extasy and then terror. The physical manifestation can be quite dangerous, long connected with the nightmare, the alp is aid to dwell as a demon within a tomb. Some forms include the werewolf or a demonic man-bat-wolf manifestation. (All of which is quite true and accurate as all is possible to those who have utilized magick and the dream. )


During some periods and times, the Alp, in the form of Varcolaci, may enter it’s opfer to command the body. The ghost would enter through the opfer’s mouth in the form of smoke and a serpent.


The alp will often drink blood from the breast of a woman (or any other place in which major vessels are.). The incubus/succubus are in most cases astral vampires, probably in 90% of all encounters. Although it is said that some demonic spirits who are not vampires can haunt sleeping humans.


It is this race in which one of ours is marked from, the Nachzehrer is long known in Germany and surrounding places in Germany. The Nachzehrer is said to be distinguishable in it’s coffin by odd custom of holding the thumb of one hand and keeping it’s left eye open. The Vampyr is said to chew upon his own limbs within it’s tomb. The coffin in which the Vampyr sleeps is said to be filled with blood and soil of it’s grave and or/ homeland. The Nachzehrer can also eat flesh of the dead and is quite active with Necromancy, the art of the Vampyr.



A blood line from Saxony, traditionally the great carrier of plagues, usually seen during grim and severe epidemics. The Neuntoter (Nine Killer) comes from the belief that it takes nine full days for the vampire to develop in it’s coffin.


This German race of Vampires is currently active in the United States, primarily in Indiana and Houston, a coven which is the control base behind the Black Order of the Dragon. Nachttoter translates “Night Killer – or Killer in the Night” being the power of this vampire as a predator within the casual realm, Varcolaci obtained. Members of this race may be summoned in Varcolaci forms on some nights, beware through, what is obtained comes with a price.



From the seed of Belial

– The Inauguration of the Devil –


Before one seeks to master the shadows of his/her astral one must reach a state of completion and strength within the flesh itself. One must never deny the pleasures of the flesh but one must always be aware to practice self-control and inner strength. This is the law of our kind.


Vampyres are masters of the flesh, we indulge fully in that fact. However, we understand that the flesh is not forever and that even though some of us are fully capable of floating from body to body, that eventually the flesh dies.


We are essentially to be as ghosts, vampyre spirits who have achieved immortality through the Blood of the Red Dragon. We do not fear death, as the spirit is immortal according to our will. However, we enjoy the pleasures of life. The devil is lord of the earth.


Vampyres do now bow to any anthropomorphic being, in fact we only view the archetypal “Satan” as a power… the power within the cosmos and earth, the power within us. Those who embrace this power and all that it is and utilize it in fact become the devil itself – Satan Ascend, Lucifer Rising. This is the law of Satan. Bow before no other gods but yourself.


Belial is viewed as a master of the earth. This is the key of understanding the mastery of the earth – Satan incarnate. The following rite is for those who seek the path of Vampyr, those who would stand strong in the face of a world for their own taking.


This rite can be used either as a hermetic rite or as a ceremonial rite. the primary design was for a hermetic rite.


Awaken the archetype of Pan, balance and joy is the key to rising.

The Inauguration of the Devil

To take place within the chosen ritual chamber. The Wamphyri – Varcolaci Pentagram to be above the altar as well as a Baphomet and the Sabbatic Goat aka the Goat of Mendes. The candles should be black and red. Upon the altar should be an inverted pentagram with some human bones or if possible a human and/or animal skull, to represent the power and lust of the flesh. Clad in black or crimson robes with dagger and chalice. A sword should be used as well.

This is the night you shall become as Satan…..



Invocating Belial


Face the Altar and point the sword first to the image of the Varcolaci/Wamphyri Pentagram, visualize what you are and what you shall become… lust upon these symbols for they are to be representations of your essence.

“In nomini dei nostri Satanas Luciferi excelsi, I call forth the dark lord of the earth… Belial, I am of your seed, a demon of the flesh to shape the world as I see fit. This is the law of the Strong. My will incarnate.”

With the Sword, face the South, point the sword towards the baphomet pentagram:

“From the South, I invoke the essence of Satan… upon the wings of darkness you shall come unto me!!!”

Face now the East:

“From the East I invoke the essence of Lucifer, the bearer of light and insight… come unto me!”

Face now the North:

“From the North I invoke the essence of belial… lord of the earth, come forth unto me”

Face now the West:

“From the West, I invoke the essence of Leviathan… come forth serpent of the Depths.. come unto me!”

Take now the Dagger and recite:

“By the sigil of the Infernal Dragon, the Red Dragon of ALL I call unto the forces of Nature and align myself further with the natural powers of the earth! I will and do partake of the pleasures of the flesh and recognize myself as a god of the Earth. No one is before me as I am the Devil incarnate!


I call with the sigils before the spirits within… enter and grow within for I am Vampyr, of Dragon’s blood. From the four pillars of Satan my law is sounded and the beast is unleashed. My flesh is iron and the werewolf is awakened! My voice and desires enter as will to incarnate in FLESH! This is as PAN and the love of the Earth and Cosmos. LADLAH is witness and love unto me, all is a mirror of sight and vision. Heil Shaitan!”

Take the chalice and recite:

“Within is the elixir of Life and Love, of strength and hate, destruction and creation. Renewal and completion. I recognize there is no god before the self and that self preservation is the highest law. This I say with my voice, which casts deep into the abyss and carries with it a law forever spoken! Heil Tiamat! I drink and am now reborn from the seed of Belial! So it is done! The gates are aligned!”

Meditate now upon the sigils and all that you have recited. Become as Satan. stand proud and push the self towards the heaven of ecstasy.





“Heil! Heil! Heil! O, great Wolf Spirit Heil! Mighty shadow within the circle enter the space of time – Make unto me a werewolf, strong and brave as my Will”



The connection of Werewolves and Vampires are quite parallel, in fact in the reality of the Vampire, it is indeed possible for a Living Vampyr to be a Werewolf. Transformation can be in two possible ways, a mental transformation, Lycanthropy as well as astral shape shifting.


When alone in a forest or secluded area is a prime location for a lycanthropic ritual. A skin of the wolf may be worn, a mask or other articles representing the transformation from the human shape into a 7 – 8 foot demonic gray man-wolf, burning blood red eyes of yellow gleams from large, sharp and cruel teeth. Those who seek to master shadows and sorcery may become a lord of Werewolves, in command of the shadow demons which may become as one with the WILL and the SELF.


When in a forest practice a Werewolf rite and feel the transformation, revel in the pleasure, in the hunger, in the burning glow which permeates the senses. When astral traveling, your human shape may shape shift to any desirable form, take pleasure in becoming the Demonic wolf. hunt your sleeping prey with stealth, feasting on astral blood as they sleep.


Below is some teachings of the Werewolf, ending with a rite of Lycanthropic power. Remember, no spell nor word can alter change which has not lit within the WILL. The misanthrope has risen and the age of the wolf is upon us! Feast!


Lord of the Woods



In the year 1502 there was a peasant named Pierre Burgot who was tending sheep while a large and fierce storm broke out. From seemingly out of nowhere rode three men dressed in black riding upon three black horses. One of the men called himself Moyset, tall and pale, sunken eyes with long black hair. Moyset told Pierre he would let his hands watch over his herd and give him great fortune if he would obey him, Pierre agreed. In the next meeting, Moyset stated his commands, to reject a so called “god”, the false virgin, the baptism and confirmation. Burgot accepted the demands and swore loyalty by kissing the hand of the Moyset, which was as cold as the hand of the dead.


The years past and the black rider returned. Moyset demanded that he should grease himself in an ointment he gave him. Verdun, another villager did so as well. soon after as their hearts and will was as Sinister, they turned into werewolves.


These wolves of Magick attacked a seven year old boy, tearing him to shreds, killing a woman and a four year old child and they only left an arm to be found intact. In time they were caught and killed by villagers.


One hundred years ago a fourteen year old boy named Jean Grenier was in a deep forest where they met a man upon a black horse who called himself Herren or Lord of the Forest. With his cold dead lips he kissed Grenier and with his long and sharp nails he cut a mark in their thighs. Herren gave Jean a wolfskin and an ointment. after donning the wolfskin and rubbing the ointment, Jean killed in his werewolf form over fifty opfers.



The Wolfcharmer



In france they are called by the humankind the “Meneurs de Loup” which were said to lead wolves by the use of a bonepipe, creating the orchestra of the night. The Wolfcharmer is a total misanthrope who in his heart hates the human race. The wolfcharmer is the leader of the wolfpack, and can by the use of the bones pipe, command the wolves to attack human prey.



The Wolfgirdle



The Wolfgirdle is commonly made from the skin of the wolf, mixed and sewn together with the skin of a dead witch or an executed murderer. Don the wolf girdle before the lycanthropic ritual.



The Rite of the Werewolf

– Mental Lycanthropy and the summoning of Shadows –



The altar can be either within a home or in the woods. Upon the altar should rest bones of the dead and two black candles and two red candles, above the Wamphyri – Varcolaci Pentagram (A Sigil of the Black Order of the Dragon).

With your mind draw one circle anti-clockwise that it might fit a man within.


“From the will of that which is Satan I call the Demonic powers of the Wolf – Shadows demons I call to thee! One spirit shall rise through this circle – One chosen of the Demonic hordes I evocate thee to bring forth the Gray Beast which makes all tremble, by my will and will to power I will become WEREWOLF! Phantoms of Darkness I now invocate thee – they likeness is to be within and through my Vampyric Will I implement the power of SATAN!


With your mind focus upon the transformation. Feel each muscle as it stretches, grows stronger, more beastlike. Rough gray hair grows through the skin as the flesh itself turns ghost white and the face blackens. The bones stretch and begin to form a beast between a man and wolf. The face warps into a long snout which holds many razor sharp fangs. The fingers stretch and fold into Talons, cruel to the flesh they Shred..


Feel now the pleasure of the Werewolf, go out into the night and taste the pleasures of the Will.



(c) Church of Vampiria


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Exercises with Darkness

Exercises with Darkness
by Don Webb

Uncle Setnakt would like to share with you a few exercises you can do with his favourite subject Darkness.

1. Close your eyes. Inside this Darkness, you can picture anything. Conjure up the notion of an extraterrestrial invader. One entirely of your own making. The fact you can visualize this here-to-fore nonexistent object shows that your awareness is not bound to nor constrained by the natural order. The knowledge that your stand separate from the universe is the beginning of the Left Hand Path.

2. Look at the stars. Find a grassy hill and look up at the stars on a warm, clear moonless night. Relax and let your mind soar towards the stars. That feeling of falling up into the Abyss of Stars is a predictable part of your natural self. The desire to project your psyche to its utmost limits is one of the forces that drives the Initiate along the Left Hand Path. It is why we choose role models like Set, the first historic example of the rebel against cosmic injustice.

3. Sit quietly in a darkened room. Find a place away from radio, TV, family etc. Here alone and away from a constant stream of messages telling you what to think, just relax and see where your own thoughts go. Don’t try to interfere. This may be the first time you’ve heard your own voice. When you’ve done this for a few minutes, light a candle and write down three things — the thought that surprised you the most, the desire that appeared most often in your thoughts, and the thought from somewhere else (advertising jingle etc.) that intruded the most. The next day search out the source of the unusual thought — this brings your actions in line with your godhood. Do something that distances you from the unwanted mind control (even if it’s just being aware of it and rejecting it) — this bring you closer to controlling your own mind.

4. Make a list of associations. Write down all the things that Darkness implies. Start with personal things like, “Darkness is excitement — Father Christmas brings me goodies in the dark. Darkness is the time of transformation — many times has my mind made monsters out of the pile of laundry at the foot of the bed. Darkness is the time of sexual arousal –etc.” Then add historical meanings of Darkness, “Darkness plus the sound of the bullroarer creates the sacred space for Aboriginal initiation. Darkness is the time when Vampyres are said to roam. Etc.” When you’ve made your list consider what the Prince of Darkness can mean as model for your own Initiation. Consider how these things stimulate your imagination and will.

5. Make of Night a personal symbol. It is in the nature of mankind to assign meaning to events in the meaningless natural order. They fashion constellations, omens, etc. and then bend themselves to their creations. The Black Magician can consciously assign a symbol to an operation and use that symbol for his/her own growth — and discard it when necessary. Since night is the traditional time for Satanic/Black Magical activity, you may wish to invest it with meaning. Hold a ritual that places a certain meaning in the dark of night — so that its coming will begin to Work your soul automatically. I choose, “Night is a time of rebirth.” This way, the nonego parts of mySelf begin to recharge the batteries of inspiration and magic every time the sky darkens. If I am doing some other kind of Work as part of my life work of Becoming, I can choose another meaning.

6. Seek out the Brothers of Darkness. Learning the art of magic goes a hell of a lot swifter if you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You’ll accomplish your goals faster if you’re drawing on the experience of others. It’s a lot easier Working with people who think the way you do.

Look around for a group whose approach to Darkness is the same or very similar to yours. If the group has been around for a few years, you have the additional benefit that some of their magic has already Worked itself into the fabric of the objective universe and you have a greater magical lever to use for your own Work. Uncle Setnakt is, of course, a proud member of the Temple of Set.

7. Contemplate Darkness as a place of growth. In the soulcraft of the ancient Germanic peoples is a concept very useful to the Left Hand Path. The Sal is that part of the soul into which one evolves. It is a holder of potential, a dark vessel that cannot be filled. By using this imagery life is not a simple discovery of the self, but an active creation that may be consciously drafted. As long as their is Darkness, one can grow — there are no limits except those you consciously create. If you become aware of this Dark container within you, it can become more than a mere symbol, but an actual vessel for awareness to survive after death.

8. Contemplate Darkness as a symbol of mystery. In the Right Hand Path, white light is used as a symbol of Initiation. In the light everything is quickly revealed and the self extinguishes itself because of boredom. There are no mysteries, nothing to discover, and ultimately nothing to think about since there is a total unity between the perceiver and the perceived. In the Left Hand Path Darkness is the symbol of mystery. By accepting Darkness, you accept dynamism — you don’t know what lies within your Black Heart. And as you discover more and more; the desires from within cause you to act to bring your deepest Self into Being in the objective world. In short as you become the Self created god you must create creations. Ultimately you will begin to have a sense of the great twofold secret — one pole of which lies deep within yourSelf — the other is hidden deeply within the objective universe.

9. Seek to unleash the Darkness in others. Look for and strengthen the manifestations of Darkness in those around you. This should be done very gently and with great forethought. After you have begun to master steps 7 and 8 above consider that Darkness also resides in the other human beings around you. If you can transmit some of that excitement and potential for awareness into others — not only will you have made the world a more darkly resplendent place to live, but you will have opened up the world around you for more exciting potentials for your own growth.

Uncle Setnakt hopes you have a pleasant day.

Ritual for Invoking Set

“The author assumes no responsibility for what may result. The
            psychologically immature and the emotionally unstable should not
            attempt this! Those who refuse to face reality will most likely wind
            up destroying themselves.

            Prepare to surrender yourself to the will of the Aeon!

            We will address the Prince of darkness in His original form as
            “Set,” Egyptian God of the Psyche. This allows the mystic an
            untarnished appreciation of this most ancient and revered deity.

            Once you begin to see “beneath the skin,” the true nature of Set
            reveals Itself.

            This is not a “formal” ritual–it is a meditative exercize.

            Physical Preparations
            The altar should be draped w/ a black cloth and the Pentagram of Set
            should be present.

            Place a chair in front of the altar, making sure that the pentagram
            is at eye level. A sterno holds the Black Flame. Black candles can
            provide additional light, but should be used sparingly.

            Relax, while gazing into the pentagram, attempt to “project” your
            consciousness into the symbol. Repeat these words –
            “I join with Set.”

            Once you have convinced yourself that you are “there” mentally,
            imagine yourself merging, becoming one with the personality behind
            the symbol. With total self-confidence, keep asserting “I am Set!”

            Chant it softly. Feel it. Believe it. Do this no more than an hour
            or so.

            Whe you are finished, put out the candles and go to bed. (The best
            time for this is before sleeping.)

            NOTE: It is up to the mage whether or not to banish. ”

Book of Knowing the Spiral Force of Re and the Felling of Apep

            Book of Knowing the Spiral Force of Re and the Felling of Apep

            From the Bremner-Rhind Papyrus. A Powerful Spell for exorcising Apep,
            the Force of Delusion and mindless Chaos. This Spell is also useful
            in exorcising any and all “demons” of the psyche. Simply read it out
            loud forcefully, and then repeat the last paragraph 3 times.  

            The Lord of the Limit says: Xepera Xeper Xeperu.
            I Came Into Being on the First Occasion. I Came Into Being in the
            shape of Xepera, and that is how “Being” Came Into Being. I was the
            First Cause of the First Causes and my name was more primeval then
            the primeval ones I made.
            I did all I desired in this land and pervaded all of it.
            Being Alone I knit my own hand before I made Shu or spat Tefnut. I
            used my mouth and “Magic” was my Name. It was I who Came Into Being
            in my shape. I Came Into Being and there Came Into Being a number of
            primeval ones. I alone achieved this.
            There was none who could act in my place. I alone achieved this in
            my Soul; I created some of them in Nun as Inert Ones, when I could
            as yet find no place to stand. I considered my Mind, I surveyed with
            my sight and I alone achieved all that was made; I planned in my
            Mind I created another being, and manifold were the Shapes of
            Xepera; their children Came Into Being after the manner of those
            It was I who spat out Shu and expectorated Tefnut. I aroused myself
            with my hand and swallowing my own seed spat it forth again as Shu
            and Tefnut. They went beyond me into Nun where they rejoiced. I who
            had Come Into Being alone now knew of three other gods. I waited for
            two eternities for Shu and Tefnut to return to me.
            Nun brought them up. I made an Eye and sent after them. My Eye
            brought them back to me and I united myself. I wept over the whole
            of my being and from my tears did mankind Come Into Being. My Eye
            was angered that I had grown another Eye in its absence. I pulled my
            second Eye from my face and made it the arranger of destiny.
            And Shu and Tefnut begat Geb and Nuit and Geb and Nuit begat in one
            birth Osiris, Horus the blinded, Set, Isis, and Nepthys and they
            begat and begat and created many children on Earth and are linked to
            children bearing their Forms.
            They made conjuration that they might fell their foes. They created
            magic spells for felling Apep. He is imprisoned in the arms of Aker,
            he had neither arms nor legs, and is bound in one place, according
            to Re who obstructs him, for Re has commanded that he be felled on
            account of his evil character. Children fell him and sunder his soul
            from his shade–he is despoiled and there will be no more portion
            for him in the land of Desire. Those in the North, in the West, in
            the South, and in the East have felled him.
            O you sages on Earth and you Nine Gods who Came Into Being from my
            flesh, be vigilant in felling Apep. Exorcise him and destroy his
            name, do not permit his name to be spread abroad; his children shall
            not exist, his seat shall not exist, and he shall have neither soul
            nor body nor spirit, for he belongs to the Eye of Re, and it has
            power over him and it devours him. I am he who has commited Apep to
            the Flame. I have allotted him to the heat, I have given him over to
            the Eye of Re which has parched him. It has consumed his body, soul,
            spirit, shade, and magic. He shall neither copulate nor become erect

Traditional Hymns to Hathor

Adoration to You, Het-Hert, Mistress of Iunet,
the August One in the Sanctuary of the August One.
The One Shining as Gold in the Sanctuary of Gold,
the Atenet, eldest child of the Aten.
I adore Your Majesty with Your heart’s desire,
I exalt Your Ka to the height of Nut.
I praise Your Manifestation to the limits of the rays of the Aten;
I serve Your Majesty in Your shrine.
The Powerful One, the Great One, Mistress of Fear,
Great of Terror among the Netjeru.
The Horizon-Dweller, Mistress of Heaven,
the Brilliant One who creates the rays of the sun;
the Netjeru rise early in the morning to pay You homage.
Your beautiful face is satisfied by the King of
Upper and Lower Egypt, Lord of the Two Lands,
beloved of the Great Het-Hert, Mistress of Iunet, the Eye of Ra.

From the Temple of Hathoor at Dendera

All hail, jubilation to You, O Golden One,
Sole ruler, Uraeus of the Supreme Lord Himself!
Mysterious One who gives birth to the divine entities,
Forms the animals, models them as She pleases, fashions men…
O Mother! …Luminous One who thrusts back the darkness,
who illuminates every human creature with Her rays,
hail, Great One of many Names…
You from whom the Divine Entities come forth in this Your Name of Mut-Aset!
You-Who-Cause the throat to breathe,
Daughter of Ra, whom He spat forth from His mouth in this Your Name of Tefnut!
O Nit who appeared in Your barque in this Your Name of Mut!
O Venerable Mother, You who subdues Your adversaries in this Your name Nekhbet!
O You-Who-Knows-How-To-Make-Right-Use-of-the-Heart,
You who triumphs over Your enemies in this Your Name of Sekhmet!
It is the Golden One…the Lady of Drunkenness, of Music, of Dance,
of Frankincense, of the Crown, of Young Women,
Whom men acclaim because they love Her!
It is the Gold of the Divine Entities, who comes forth at Her season,
the month of Epipi, the Day of the New Moon, at the Festival of “She is Delivered”…
Heaven makes merry, the earth is full of gladness, the Castle of Heru rejoices.

From the Temple of Horus at Edfu

Adoration to You, the Golden One,
Mistress of Iunet,
The August and Powerful One in the Sanctuary-of-the-August-One,
The One who shines like gold in the Temple-of-the-Sistrum,
The Atenet in the Land of Atum!
I adore Your Majesty with Your heart’s desire.
I invoke Your Image with the sacred texts,
I exalt Your Ka to the height of heaven,
I worship Your Image to the limits of the rays of the Aten.
Come in peace, progress in joy,
Your heart is sweetened by hearing prayers,
Het-Hert the Great, Mistress of Iunet,
The Eye of Ra, Mistress of Heaven,
Sovereign of All the Gods,
The Great Uraeus, the Mistress of the Great Sanctuary,
Your beautiful face is satisfied with your beloved son,
The King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Master of the Two Lands, eternally.

From the Temple of Hathoor at Dendera

We play the tambourine for Your Ka,
We dance for Your Majesty,
We exalt You
To the height of heaven.
You are the Mistress of Sekhem,
The Menat and the Sistrum,
The Mistress of Music,
For whose Ka one plays.
We praise Your Majesty every day,
From dusk until the earth grows light,
We rejoice in Your Countenance, O Mistress in Dendera!
We praise You with song.
You are the Lady of Jubilation, the Mistress of the Iba-dance*,
The Lady of Music, the Mistress of Harp-playing,
The Lady of Dancing, the Mistress of  Tying on Garlands,
The Lady of Myrrh, and the Mistress of Leaping.
We glorify Your Majesty,
We give praise before Your Face.
We exalt Your Power
Over the Gods and the Goddesses.
You are the Lady of Hymns,
The Mistress of the Library,
The Great Seshat
At the head of the Mansion of Records.
We propitiate Your Majesty every day.
Your heart rejoices at hearing our songs.
We rejoice when we see You, day by day.
Our hearts are jubilant when we see Your Majesty.
You are the Lady of Garlands, the Mistress of Dance,
The Lady of Unending Drunkenness.
We rejoice before Your face; we play for Your Ka.
Your heart rejoices over our performance.