Jensaarai Codes

 The Official Jensaarai Code

    I am the protector of justice.
    I know no emotions,
    I know the truth of the force.
    I am the Protector of worlds.
    I know the power of the true Force.
    I am the defender of the true way.
    The Universe knows not of my existence.
    I pledge myself to the Jensaarai.
    For I have found true life,
    In the protection of the people I care.

    The Jensaarai code made by the first dark side Jensaarai.

    There is no light there is no dark there is only the Jensaarai
    There is no love there is no hate there is the truth
    There is no contempt there is honor
    There are no limits, there are the true believers the Jensaarai

For further explorations of the Jensaarai tradition, I recommend The Order of the Jensaarai at:


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