Four Sages of Dwartii

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Four Sages of Dwartii


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Statues of two of the Four Sages of Dwartii from the Chancellor's office

Statues of two of the Four Sages of Dwartii from the Chancellor’s office

The Four Sages of Dwartii were controversial philosophers and lawgivers from the early days of the Galactic Republic. The Four Sages were Sistros, Faya, Yanjon, and Braata.

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine had bronzium statues of the Four Sages in his office suite in the Republic Executive Building on Coruscant. The statue of Sistros, one of the two flanking the doorway to Palpatine’s private antechamber, had a lining of neuranium underneath its bronzium surface. Hidden deep within this statue lay Palpatine’s lightsaber, dormant for decades until finally used against four “traitorous” Jedi Masters on Empire Day.

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One of these figures appears in Mas Amedda‘s staff, included in Amedda’s action figure.

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