CotF Solitary Black Mass

Solitary Black Mass



Black Mass for the Solitary Practitioner Written and compiled by: Rev. Diabolicus I. Order of the Four Horsemen, Church of the Fallen Copyright © 2003 Rev. David L. Litts

Many of us do not have a group to work with due to living situations, and location. The Order of the Four Horsemen feel that each member should be included in special events, and have the right to the rituals of the Church of the fallen

This right is for the Solitary Practitioner. It can be used for workings of magick, or just celebrating major rites of the Luciferian faith.


Some Practitioners have a room that they can dedicate as a Temple, or just a small piece of their apartment. Either way it is important that you take the time to worship.

Here are some supplies that you will need in order to get started.

1.An Alter. This can be a small coffee table or one that it made. The size and dimensions are up to you. 2.An alter cloth. This cloth should be black, and can be made from any fabric you wish. 3.A bell or gong 4.Candles for illumination, these candles should be black. 5.One black and one white candle for the alter, the white candle is used for casting spells of destruction, and the black candle is used for spells of blessing 6.An incense burner and a good supply of incense. 7.A chalice, of any type, and wine 8.A pitcher holding water, which symbolizes the waters of life. 9.A Bowl and an aspergian. 10.A Patent, holding the wafer and black bread 11.A black cloth which covers the Patent

The Practitioner sets up his or her Alter, and makes sure that all materials are present for the ritual about to begin. All candles and incense are lit, and wine is poured into the chalice. The lights are turned out and the Practitioner makes sure that there will be no disturbances during the ritual. This may including making sure no one comes over, or the phone is unplugged, and cell phones are turned off.

It is very important that each Practitioner take a few moments in quiet contemplation. This is the stage where each Practitioner thinks about the reasons for holding the mass, and how they hope Lucifer will change their lives. If you are going to perform a magickal act you must be sure you are ready for the outcome, no matter what it will be, and that you are ready to suffer the consequences if your magick is not just.

Approach the Alter and make the sign of the inverted Cross, while saying:

In the name of Lucifer, his Daemons, and Legions

Now trace an inverted pentagram before you, while saying:

May the Blessings of Darkness be with me this night/day.

Stand with your arms out in front of you with your palms down toward the Alter, with bowed head, and say:

In the Name of Lucifer I will go to the altar of the Infernal Lord. To Him who gives me joy. My help is the Name of the Infernal Lord. Who reigns on Earth.

Before the mighty and ineffable Prince of Darkness, and his Daemons and Legions, who dwell in the fires of Perdition, who fought the first battle of heaven for our sake and the sake of freedom. I acknowledge and confess my past error, Renouncing all past allegiances to He Who Is Three, and his Angelica, I proclaim that Satan-Lucifer rules the Earth, and I ratify and renew my promise to recognize and honor Him in all things, without reservation, desiring in return His manifold assistance in the successful completion of my endeavors and the fulfillment of my desires. Keep me, Lord Lucifer, from the hands of the wicked, and from unjust men deliver me. Lord Lucifer, Thou shalt rise again & quicken me. and I shall rejoice in Thee. Show me Thy power, and grant me Thy bounty. Hear me, and let my cry come unto Thee. Make the sign of the inverse cross. Glory to Lucifer the Infernal Lord, & on earth life & strength to man. I praise Thee, I bless Thee, I adore Thee, I glorify Thee, I give thanks to Thee for Thy great power; Lord Lucifer, Infernal King, Almighty Emperor.

Make the sign of the inverse cross.

Offertory The chalice & paten, upon which rests the wafer, are uncovered. Take the paten in both hands & raise it breast-high in an attitude of offering, then speak the following words: Lord Lucifer, receive this host which I, Thy worthy servant, offer to Thee, my True and Living God, that it may avail for my rejoicing in this life. So be it. Replacing the paten and the wafer raise the chalice in like manner, saying: Lord Lucifer, I offer to Thee the chalice of Desire, that it may arise in the sight of Thy majesty for my use & gratification & be pleasing unto Thee. So be it. Replace the chalice upon the altar, then extend your hands, the palms downwards, and say: Come Lucifer, Emperor of the World that I may profit by this sacrifice. Take the incense burner and sprinkle incense onto the burning coals, while saying: May this incense rise before Thee, Infernal Lord, & may Thy blessing descend upon me. Take the incense burner & cense the altar & gifts. First cense the chalice & wafer with three swings widdershins and bow. Then raise the censer three times towards the Image of Satan, bow again. Lastly cense the top & sides of the altar three times, by circumambulation if the appointments of the temple be convenient. Replace the Incense burner upon the Alter, and say: I lift up my heart to thee, Lucifer my Infernal Lord and give thanks, at all times & in all places I give Thee thanks: Lord, Infernal King, Emperor of the World, Jubilantly all the infernals praise Thee, & with them I join my own voice, saying: Salve, Salve, Salve. Strike the gong or ring the bell three times. Lord Lucifer, God of Power, Earth & Infernus are full of Thy glory. Hosanna in the depths. Make the sign of the Inverted Cross. Cannon Therefore Lord Lucifer, I entreat that you receive and accept this Sacrifice, which I offer. You have set your mark upon me, that you may make me proper in fullness and length of life, under thy protection, may cause the inhabitants of The Fires of Perdition to go forth and give me their blessings and strength in the fulfillment of my desires, and the destruction of my enemies. In concert this day/night I ask Thy unfailing assistance in this particular need. At this point in the ritual, the specific purpose is mentioned for holding the Mass, or Magickal acts are preformed. In the unity of unholy fellowship I praise and honor first Thee, Lucifer, Morning Star, Teacher of Philosophies, Beelzebub, Bringer of Peace, and Lord of Regeneration, and Baal, Ruler of the Physical, Shield of the Faithful; Abaddon, Knower of theories, and bringer of arcane knowledge, and Asmodeus, Seer of integration, Lord of Creativity. I call upon the nameless and formless ones, the mighty innumerable hosts of Hell, by whose assistance I may be strengthened in mind, Body, and Will. I therefore beseech Thee, Lord Lucifer, to accept this offering of my bounden duty as also of Thine whole household; order my days in joy & count me within the fold of Thine elect. Shamhemforash! Take the pitcher from the alter, and pure the water into the bowl while saying: After the one who called himself God put his mark upon the flesh of Cain, Cain wandered through the desert of Nodd. As Cain approached death from the desert heat, he said, “It is better I die then to live a life void of dreams and hope and knowing, far better, for the bitter God of my father to have spared His wretched mercy.” And with these words, the ground parted. And water sprang thereof. And Cain partook of its sweetness. And the mystical water filled and expanded his shriveled flesh. Now dip the aspergeant into the bowl, turn to each compass pint, shaking the aspergeant thrice at each point saying: (Facing South) In the name of Lucifer, I bless thee with the waters of life (Facing East) In the name of Lucifer, I bless thee with the waters of life. (Facing North) In the name of Lucifer, I bless thee with the waters of life. (Facing West) In the name of Lucifer, I bless thee with the waters of Life. Replace bowl, pitcher, and aspergean upon alter.

The Consecration Take the wafer into your hand, bending low over it, whisper the following words into it. Here is the body of Jesus Christ. Raise the wafer before the image of Lucifer. Replace the wafer on the patent, which rests on the Alter. Take the Chalice into your hands and bend low over it; as with the wafer, whisper the following words into it. Here is the Chalice of Desire. Raises the Chalice above your head before the image of Satan. The Chalice is then replaced, The gong is struck or the bell is rung, and the following is recited. To me, thy faithful child, O Infernal Lord, who glory in my iniquity and trust in your boundless power and might, grant that I may be numbered among Thy chosen. It is ever through you that all gifts come to me; knowledge, power, freedom, and wealth are yours to bestow. Renouncing the false spiritual rewards that are offered by He Who Is Three, the one who calls himself God, I place my trust in Thee, the Lord of this world, and teacher of Philosophies, looking to the satisfaction of all of my desires, and the petitioning all fulfillment in the land of the living.

Shemhemforash! The following prayer can be used at this point, or the Prayer of the Light Bringer, which can be found in the Book of Power in John De Vito’s The Devils Apocrypha.

Prompted by the precepts of the earth and the inclinations of desire, I am bold to say; Our Father who art in Hell, hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom is come, Thy will is done; on earth as it is in Hell! I take the day/night my rightful due, and trespass not on paths of pain. Lead me unto temptation, and deliver me from false piety, for Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory for ever! Let reason and freedom rule the earth! Deliver me, O Mighty Lucifer, from all past error and delusion, that, having set my feet upon the path of Darkness and having vowed myself to Thy Service, I may not weaken in my resolve, but with Thy assistance, grow in wisdom and strength. The Repudiation and the Denunciation Take the wafer into your hands, extend it before you, and say the following: Behold the body of Jesus Christ, Lord of the humble & King of the slaves. Now hold the wafer up before the image of Lucifer, while saying: I invoke thee into this wafer. You who came to earth to enslave the race of man. You were sent by He Who Is Three, to strengthen the chains of bondage. You were sent to increase faith which feeds the one who calls himself God, and the host of the heavens. I invoke you in order to brake the chains of bondage and kindle the fires of freedom. I will push the crown of thorns deep into your head, and drive the nails deeper into your hands, which hold you upon the cross, I shall once again pierce your side and show all that you are nothing, but the true father of lies, and your words and deeds are false. You would have men and women live their lives in poverty, just so they can give more faith. Yes, you have gained many followers and sheep for your fold, but now the tide is turning and your flock is learning the truth. In the name of Lucifer, his Daemons, and Legions. I condemn thee to the abyss, and free the souls of all you have taken. Raise the wafer, dash it to the ground, and crush it under foot. Strike the gong or ring the bell nine times. Then take up the Chalice into your hands, and before drinking say: Behold the Chalice of Desire which gives joy and meaning to my life. I Accept the Chalice of Desire in the name of our Infernal Lord. Drink from the Chalice, and when the Chalice is empty, make the sign of the Inverted Cross, and replace the Chalice upon the Alter. Place the patent on top of the Chalice, and cover it with the veil. Say the following:

I have received the Blessings of our Lord Lucifer, may his protection and grace be with me in all of my endeavors. My rite is at an end, and I shall go forth into the world spreading the word of our Infernal Lord to all who care to listen. I shall stand tall and bring comfort to the faithful when needed. For the end time are nearly upon us. I will stand with the faithful and fight. Our freedom is at hand. Make the sign of the Inverted Cross, and trace the Inverted Pentagram before you and say: Hail Lucifer!

Make sure that you extinguish all candles. Some practicioners will have a small snack to help them ground after the ritual.


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