The Gnostic Pentagram Ritual

The Gnostic Pentagram Ritual

A Newuser’s Guide by Fireclown


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The Gnostic Pentagram Ritual (GPR) was created by Peter J.Carroll, and is printed in his book Liber Kaos. This is my take on the Rite, and modifications thereof.

Ok, so you want to learn to banish. But perhaps you don’t like JHVH, or Hebrew, or Greek, or the usual symbol systems used by the Golden Dawn and subsidiaries. Then, my friend, the GPR is for you!

Pope Pete describes the process:

1)Standing facing any direction.
2)Inhale fully. Exhale slowly sustaining the sound ‘I'(a high pitched ieeee! sound) whilst visualizing a radiance of energy in the head area.
3)Inhale fully. Exhale slowly sustaining the sound ‘E'(a lower pitched eeeeh! sound) whilst visualizing a radiance of energy in the throat area.
4)Inhale fully. Exhale slowly sustaining the sound ‘A'(a deep aaaah! sound) whilst visualizing a radiance of energy in the heart
and lungs, which spreads to the muscles of the limbs.
5)As in 2, but the sound ‘O'(ooooh!) in the belly area.
6)As in 2, but the sound ‘U'(a very deep uuuur!) in the genital /anal area.
7)Repeat 6. Then 5,4,3,2, working back toward the head.
8)Inhale fully. Exhale slowly forming each of the IEAOU sounds in turn whilst with the left arm drawing a pentagram in the air which is also visualized strongly.
9)Make a quarter turn to the left and repeat 8, then continue to turn and draw the remaining pentagrams with mantra and visualization until returning to the starting position.
10)Repeat steps 2-7 inclusive.

My commentary: Ok, for those with NO magickal backgrounds, you are drawing FOUR pentagrams. Traditionally, with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, you call in various names of God, and later the Archangels. You also start in the East. Thus you embed a system of Elements wed to the Directions, Traditionally Air/East, Earth/ North, Water/West, Fire/South. For the Southern Hemisphere, two of these change. Figure it out. Also, you don’t have to use your left hand.

The idea with the vowel sounds, is to create the noise that ACTUALLY vibrates the related part of the body. This can take time, and experimentation. Work at it in different ways. I suggest doing the Rite EXTREMELY loud. Shake the windows. Make the walls reverberate with the sounds. This builds up confidence, and is good for the bodymind, especially for the introverted. Different tones are aided by changing the position of the head, again, play with it and see what works. On the low tones, go for that Tibetan Monk effect, you can get harmonic tones going with practice. This is fun, treat it as such!!!

The pentagrams, saith the IOT, can be drawn in any direction, staring from any point. I worked with this for several months, and discovered that for me this didn’t quite work. I had no desire to go back to the Golden Dawn battery of pents**, so I can up with this:
(Note to the Novice, this may make no sense. Ignore it, it isn’t important.)

I needed something sensible, and based in my reality, to differentiate between Invoking and Banishing(hereafter called Devoking). I used the Wall Clock. Invoking deals with manifestation: manifestation works by bringing something IN to present Time. (Note: the Fireclown considers Aethyr, in the Chaoist sense, to be, for all intents and porpises, to be Time. ‘Time is that which Emits’-Genesis P-Orridge). Therefore, to Invoke (bring into NOW) I start the Pentagrams at 12, draw Clockwise to about 4:30 to 10 to 2 to about 7:30 to 12. To Devoke, start at 12, draw Counterclockwise to 7:30 etc etc…
In a sense, you are making Unmanifest, denying the obstruction its place in Your Time. Works for me.

One can modify the GPR to any aim desirable. For Sleep and Dreams, I Invoke Hypnos and Morpheus by vibrating their names in the quarters.

I Devoke Fear, Complacency, Self-hate, and Boredom. I replace them with Courage, Will, Self-love, and Passion. The list goes on and on.

It is probably best to start simple. Pick something and work with it for a couple of months, then start to modify. I strongly suggest getting Devokation down pat before you start Invoking.

The vowel sounds are good mantras for meditation and trance induction. They can shake out old ghosts that lurk in the bodymind, and they do an amazing job of vitalizing the system. When I feel like shit, I can drastically change my state by going up and down for a few minutes.

Any feedback is appreciated, as well as permutations of the Rite.

In Chaos, Fireclown


Note: I recommend working with the classical inv/ban. pentagrams but thats merely my preference.


One response to “The Gnostic Pentagram Ritual

  1. Hi,

    I’m from Chile, in South America.
    I would like to know why you don´t have to use the left arm here..

    I didn’t know that, and had experimented some pain in the left hand after the regular practice of this ritual

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