Jedi Jewel Series teachings

This is the complete series of Jedi Jewel Series teachings.



2 responses to “Jedi Jewel Series teachings

  1. It’s nice to see that my work wasn’t in vain. I originally found the book as a series of .doc files in one of the jedi-related Yahoo! groups and opted to smoosh them together into one .pdf file (much editting & formatting included). It’s nice to know that it’s getting some circulation.

    By the way, where did you happen to find the file?

  2. How many in this world are seeking this very thing.

    Reluctant to embrace outdated dogma, but yearning to find deeper meaning in life.

    Knowing that the basis is of fiction, and thus commanding no leap of faith, but drawing on the best of all religions and allowing us to stretch our minds and souls.

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