Fueling of the Black Flame Ritual by Rev. Juan Duran

Another ritual from the defunct Illuminates of Baphomet site.


Fueling of the Black Flame Ritual by Rev. Juan Duran
Materials Needed:

Ritual Dagger
2 Candles (black or blue preferred, red is acceptable)
Chalice (filled with substance which symbolizes life to you, red
wine, water, etc.)
Incense (Whichever you prefer, scent is of you liking)
Mirror (Magic mirror if possible)
Ritual Garments (robes, black ritual attire, whatever is comfortable
for you, street clothes if that is best for you)
If you prefer you can have mood music, preferably something that you
enjoy and reminds you of the joys of life, and introspection


(Prepare alter, with candle on outer ends, incense in middle,
chalice on left hand, and dagger on right. Mirror on wall, or held
on altar, light all candles/incense, and fill chalice. Exit ritual
room and don ritual attire. Clear mind before entering, remember the
rules laid out for ritual workings as in TSB)

-=Enter Ritual Room=-

*Raise hands, look within mirror and say:

“I am man, who knows not of the world, for my eyes are shut by the
blinding of those who would rule the ignorant. I ask that the Dark
Lord come and bear his Light. Lucifer, the Morning Star, she that
would reveal the World to me, guide me in my journeys.”

*Look within Mirror and see Lucifer inside yourself*

-=Meditate on the power of knowledge=-

*Raise hands, look within mirror and say:

“I am man, who knows not of the world, for my body is a temple which
I am not allowed to control. I ask the Dark Lord to open my body to
the desires of man!”

-=Meditate on the carnal joys=-

Proclaim: “Hail the Underworld, the Darkness of Unknown! I come to
proclaim my throne for I am the Beast within Man!”

*Take dagger and move it through the incense, look within mirror, say:

“As I breathe, I know this is my kingdom, Here and now shall I Live
and Be Known! I am the center of my Universe, the Breath of Life is

*Take dagger and move it through flames, look within mirror, say:

“The flames of Hell burn bright in my body! Through my burning desire
to Know my Will, I shall Triumph over those who Oppose ME! I am the
scorching Torch of Power, Knowledge is Power, I obtain Knowledge,
and therefore Power is MINE!”

*Take dagger and put it into chalice, look within mirror, say:

“The fluids of life are mine! Through my fluids I Create Life, thus
making me God Unto my Universe! The force of Life is that of the
Creator, I am Creator, the Power of the Gods be MINE!”

*Set all items down, look within mirror, say:

“Knowledge, Creation, Man-God, all this is my Kingdom! As I look
within, I find the Power to control that Without. I cast aside the
shackles of Mortal Men and Evolve beyond. Satan has always been
within me, Satan is becoming one with me, I am the great Satan! This,
is my Hell, I reign supreme. My eyes shall be open for all eternity.”

*Raise the Chalice, proclaim:

“As I drink the Fuel of Life, I further my own Inner Flame! It shall
always burn bright, non-shall distinguish it. I am the All Father,
Baphomet is my name!”

*Place Chalice Down, look within mirror, and with confidence:

“Hail Satan!”

-=Meditate on all accomplishments made, and all your future

-=Take time to look within yourself and your personal growth=-

(Extinguish flames and incense. Meditate and be sure to leave your
ritual workings in the Chamber)

Hail Thyself! Hail the Age of Man! Carnality at its Best!

Dark Blessings,
Rev. Juan Duran eternalcrow2000@hotmail.com
HP OFA http://www.i-ofa.com
Magistrate FCoS http://www.churchofsatan.com
Priest, Council IoB http://www.geocities.com/illuminatesofbaphomet


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