Sithism is like this

(A poem from a few weeks ago.)

There are those who see us as evil
draped in shadows & night veils.

I cannot recognize their empty faces.

There are those who see us as good
a dark mirage that phoenixes into angelic light.

I cannot translate or understand their dead tongue.

Both are names without being.
But I walk along this ocean shore
whose tides have turned to bright blood waves
I am lost here and my soul is married to this new fire.

My heart incenses love’s wakefulness
as my breath is a war dirge
born between stars.

All laws of God & man are broken potter’s shards at my feet.
And I take my first gulp of pure cold air.

Gazing upon the ocean foam & ancient crags
I know I am not alone……I never have been.

How many others, I wonder, have broken bread
with this same moment?
How many oceans have we all seen like this?
How many ….like this?

At last, I grasp my sword in hand
& begin the journey to where
I remember the rumors
of the ancient war.
– Seti I Shadim


3 responses to “Sithism is like this

  1. I think it’s a deep poem. I can link it with Sith, especially the last two couplets. Something forgotten or completely unknown to man, yet it’s alive and real for those who search it and know where they’re heading.

  2. That is really the essence of what I was striving to express. Or as Hermeticism terms it- “The Mystery.” That is really what Sithist philosophy means to me- a search for the mysteries. The living philosophy of Sithism is definitely much different than the fictional concept.


  3. Well I posted more on this at the SS board. For me the fictional concepts are a part of the search…:)

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