Annotated LIBER V vel REGULI

A.· . A.· . publication in Class D.
Being the Ritual of the Mark of the Beast:
an incantation proper to invoke the Energies of the Aeon of Horus,
adapted for the daily use of the Magician of whatever grade.

[The title is Latin and means Book 5 or Book of the Prince. Regulus
is also the name of the star which marks the beginning or 0 degree of
the constellation Leo.]

The Oath of the Enchantment, which is called The Elevenfold Seal.
The Animadversion towards the Aeon.
1. Let the Magician, robed and armed as he may deem to be fit, turn
his face towards Boleskine, that is the House of The Beast 666. {Note
1: Boleskine House is on Loch Ness, 17 miles from Inverness, Latitude
57.14 N. Longitude 4.28 W.}
[Note that this implies that the direction of Boleskine should be
taken as “East” in the temple, as is specified in Liber XV, the
Gnostic Mass. However it does not necessarily have to be so.
Since later the text specifies that the Magician must grasp his Wand,
the “robed and armed as he may deem to be fit” is not as wide-ranging
as it may sound.]
2. Let him strike the battery 1-3-3-3-1.
[Eleven knocks, eleven being the number of magical energy – see Liber
AL I, 60. Note that there are four sets of eleven knocks during the
complete ritual, making 44 in total, representing the materialisation
of magical energy, and also being a number of Ra-Hoor-Khuit. See
Liber XLIV, The Mass of the Phoenix.]
3. Let him put the Thumb of his right hand between its index and
medius, and make the gestures hereafter following.
[The thumb being the finger attributed to Spirit, and also containing
an important centre of cakkric energy. Again see also Liber XV.]
The Vertical Component of the Enchantment.
1. Let him describe a circle about his head, crying NUIT!
[The Sahashara Cakkra, above the head, attributed to Ain Soph on the
Tree of Life.]
2. Let him draw the Thumb vertically downward and touch the Muladhara
Cakkra, crying, HADIT!
[The Muladhara (Earth centre, attributed to Malkuth on the Tree of
Life) is found at the base of the spine, or at the perineum just
behind the genital region, opinions differ. I’d suggest the latter in
practice, since touching the base of the spine during the rite is
somewhat awkward.]
3. Let him, retracing the line, touch the centre of his breast and
[The Anahata Cakkra – the solar centre, attributed to Tiphareth, or
perhaps more accurately to the triangle Chesed, Geburah, Tiphareth.
This will especially make sense to initiates of the Second Degree of
OTO. Note that the symbol of Ra-Hoor-Khuit is a downward pointing red
triangle of fire.]
The Horizontal Components of the Enchantment.
1. Let him touch the Centre of his Forehead, his mouth, and his
larynx, crying AIWAZ!
[The centre of the forehead is the location of the Ajna Cakkra, the
larynx the location of the Vishuddha Cakkra, attributed to Saturn and
Da’ath. The mouth is the only one of these which is not a primary
Cakkra – perhaps because Aiwaz is the voice of the Gods – see Liber
AL. Interestingly the mouth is a minor Cakkra – the Kala Cakkra.]
2. Let him draw his thumb from right to left across his face at the
level of the nostrils.
[This forms the cross-path on the Tree of Life from Binah to
Chokmah , the path of The Empress]
3. Let him touch the centre of his breast, and his solar plexus,
crying, THERION!
[The Anahata again and the Manipura. Both of these together are
attributed to the Chesed, Geburah, Tiphareth triangle; I know this is
odd, but that’s just one of the problems of trying to relate two
widely varying systems. The Tree of Life has only five Sephiroth on
the Middle Pillar, whereas the yoga system used here has seven
primary Cakkras.]
4. Let him draw his thumb from left to right across his breast, at
the level of the sternum.
[The cross-path linking Chesed to Geburah, the path of Lust]
5. Let him touch the Svadistthana, and the Muladhara Cakkra, crying,
[The Svadistthana is located in the genital region, attributed to
Yesod and the Moon.]
6. Let him draw his thumb from right to left across his abdomen, at
the level of the hips.
[The cross-path linking Hod and Netzach on the Tree, the path of The
Tower. Note that the numerological value of the three cross-paths
added together is 93. I don’t know why the crossbars go in these
directions. They do not follow the path of the Lightning Flash as it
shoots downward from Kether to Malkuth – perhaps there may be a
reference to the direction of spin of the cakkras.]
(Thus shall he formulate the Sigil of the Grand Hierophant, but
dependent from the Circle.)
[The Sigil of the Grand Hierophant being the triple cross.]
The Asseveration of the Spells.
1. Let the Magician clasp his hands upon his Wand, his fingers and
thumbs interlaced, crying LAShTAL! THELEMA! FIAOF! AGAPE! AUMGN
(Thus shall be declared the Words of Power whereby the Energies of
the Aeon of Horus work his will in the World.)
[Each of these Words has the numerical value of 93. Since there are
five of them and they are repeated once, plus an extra THELEMA in the
middle, there are a total of 11 “93” Words in the rite. Note that the
F’s in FIAOF are silent, as is the GN in AUMGN. For more on these
words see Book 4 Part III, Magick in Theory & Practice.
Furthermore, in this First Gesture there are six god names mentioned:
Nuit, Hadit, Ra-Hoor-Khuit, Aiwaz, Therion, Babalon; and five “93”
words. Eleven invocations in total, thus is it named The Elevenfold
Seal. The combination of the six and five is a very important facet
of the rite – see section 23, lines h & i.]
The Proclamation of the Accomplishment.
1. Let the Magician strike the Battery: 3-5-3, crying ABRAHADABRA.
The Enchantment.
1. Let the Magician, still facing Boleskine, advance to the
circumference of his circle.
2. Let him turn himself towards the left, and pace with the stealth
and swiftness of a tiger the precincts of his circle, until he
complete one revolution thereof.
3. Let him give the Sign of Horus (or The Enterer) as he passeth, so
to project the force that radiateth from Boleskine before him.
[This sign is made by leaning forward, advancing the left foot and
throwing the arms out horizontally before you, pointing with the
index fingers as if to fire energy out of them.]
4. Let him pace his path until he comes to the North; there let him
halt, and turn his face to the North.
[That is you go round one and a quarter times]
5. Let him trace with his wand the Averse Pentagram proper to invoke
Air (Aquarius).
[An averse pentagram is one with the single point down, two points
up. The Averse Air pentagram is drawn by starting at the bottom left
point and going horizontally across to the right, then up left, down
middle, up right, down left. i.e. go widdershins (anti-clockwise). In
other words it is like an upright Air Pentagram rotated through 180
6. Let him bring the wand to the centre of the Pentagram and call
upon NUIT!
[You should visualise the particular God or Goddess called in each
quarter. If in doubt use the Tarot imagery. For Nuit, see Atu XVII,
The Star; Atu XX, The Aeon; or Atu XXI, The Universe.]
7. Let him make the sign called Puella, standing with his feet
together, head bowed, his left hand shielding the Muladhara Cakkra,
and his right hand shielding his breast (attitude of the Venus de
[And where do you hold the wand while you’re doing this? One solution
is to grip it between your knees when you’re making these signs. Yes,
I know it doesn’t sound too elegant, but it works.]
8. Let him turn again to the left, and pursue his Path as before,
projecting the force from Boleskine as he passeth; let him halt when
he next cometh to the South and face outward.
[i.e. go round one half circle]
9. Let him trace the Averse Pentagram that invoketh Fire (Leo).
[Start bottom middle and go deosil (clockwise) i.e. go up left and
then round until you’ve completed the entire pentagram.]
10. Let him point his wand to the centre of the Pentagram, and cry,
[See Atu XX, The Aeon – Hadit is the winged disk.]
11. Let him give the sign Puer, standing with feet together, and head
erect. Let his right hand (the thumb extended at right angles to the
fingers) be raised, the forearm vertical at a right angle with the
upper arm, which is horizontally extended in the line joining the
shoulders. Let his left hand, the thumb extended forwards and the
fingers clenched, rest at the junction of the thighs (Attitude of the
gods Mentu, Khem, etc.).
12. Let him proceed as before; then in the East, let him make the
Averse Pentagram that invoketh Earth (Taurus).
[This time go round a quarter circle. The pentagram is drawn from
bottom middle widdershins towards the upper right point and so on.]
13. Let him point his wand to the centre of the pentagram, and cry,
[See Atu XI, Lust – Therion is the Beast pictured.]
14. Let him give the sign called Vir, the feet being together. The
hands, with clenched finger and thumbs thrust out forwards, are held
to the temples; the head is then bowed and pushed out, as if to
symbolize the butting of an horned beast (attitude of Pan, Bacchus,
etc.). (Frontispiece, Equinox I, III).
15. Proceeding as before, let him make in the West the Averse
Pentagram whereby Water is invoked.
[The Averse pentagram of Water: start at the bottom right and go
across to the bottom left and thus round deosil. Note that the
pentagrams change direction each time – first widdershins, then
deosil, then widdershins again, then deosil.]
16. Pointing the wand to the centre of the Pentagram, let him call
[See Atu XI again – Babalon is the Goddess riding on the Beast. Note
that you “call upon” Nuit & Babalon but “cry” the other names. This
may be significant in that the LA (feminine) forces are perceived as
lying outside the direct sphere of your influence, and are requested
in a softer manner than the masculine forces.]
17. Let him give the sign Mulier. The feet are widely separated, and
the arms raised so as to suggest a crescent. The head is thrown back
(attitude of Baphomet, Isis in Welcome, the Microcosm of Vitruvius).
(See Book 4, Part II).
[You can’t grip your wand between your knees here! So hold it in your
18. Let him break into the dance, tracing a centripetal spiral
widdershins, enriched by revolutions upon his axis as he passeth each
quarter, until he come to the centre of the circle. There let him
halt, facing Boleskine.
[You go round the circle one complete revolution here. You’ve now
done three and a half circles, the number of coils of the Kundalini,
amongst other things. Compare the Priestess’s dance in Liber XV, the
Gnostic Mass, and note that 15 is 3×5. Also note that you have gone
from Earth through Air, Water, and Fire, and thus to Spirit in the
centre. You have raised yourself from the realm of the material to
the world beyond.]
19. Let him raise the wand, trace the Mark of the Beast, and cry
[The Mark of the Beast is a sign in the form of a solar circle with a
dot in the middle, and below it a lunar crescent with two small
crescents below that. You can draw it in one motion by going round
the circle once, then making a wider arc to draw the crescent, then
going back in two loops under the crescent. Yes, I know this still
sounds pretty vague, but it’s the best I can think of right now. As
the pentagrams are symbols of the four material elements, so is the
Mark of the Beast the symbol of Spirit. Aiwaz should be visualised
as “a tall dark man in his thirties, well-knit, active and strong,
with the face of a savage king, and eyes veiled lest their gaze
destroy what they saw.”]
20. Let him trace the invoking Hexagram of The Beast.
[This is the Unicursal Hexagram, drawn from the top middle point
deosil towards the bottom right, top left, bottom middle, top right,
bottom left, top middle.]
21. Let him lower the wand, striking the Earth therewith.
[The conception here is that you are bringing the Thelemic current
from above down to the Earth. You are standing in both worlds and can
act as a bridge between them.]
22. Let him give the sign of Mater Triumphans (The feet are together;
the left arm is curved as if it supported a child; the thumb and
index finger of the right hand pinch the nipple of the left breast,
as if offering it to that child). Let him utter the word THELEMA!
[The child being the Thelemic magical current that you have set in
motion, that you have birthed upon the Earth.]
23. Perform the spiral dance, moving deosil and whirling widdershins.
[As you have moved widdershins before to banish, so now you move
deosil to invoke.]
Each time on passing the West extend the wand to the Quarter in
question, and bow:
[Note that you extend the wand to the quarter, not bow to the
quarter. Each time you bow to the West I assume, since bowing
upwards, for example, is rather difficult.]
a. “Before me the powers of LA!” (to West.)
b. “Behind me the powers of AL!” (to East.)
c. “On my right hand the powers of LA!” (to North.)
d. “On my left hand the powers of AL!” (to South.)
e. “Above me the powers of ShT!” (leaping in the air.)
f. “Beneath me the powers of ShT!” (striking the ground.)
[LA means Nothing, and is directed to the West & North, since these
are the negative, feminine quarters. AL means God, and is directed to
the positive, masculine quarters. Note that we do not assume that
positive is “better” then negative – it is simply a different
polarity, as in an electrical current. ShT is the child of negative
and positive energies, and the force that reconciles them. LA= 31,
AL=31, ShT=31; thus 3×31=93]
g. “Within me the Powers!” (in the attitude of Phthah erect, the feet
together, the hands clasped upon the vertical wand.)
[Phthah is the Creator God of Egypt. The conception is that you have
built your own universe. I always find that this rite increases my
creative powers greatly. For this reason it is to be particularly
recommended to all those engaged in artistic pursuits.
Note that you’ve now done seven more circles, which is twice three
and a half. So altogether in the rite you’ve gone round three and a
half widdershins, then twice three and a half deosil, making a total
of three times three and a half; or only once, depending on whether
you count the widdershins circumnambulations as a positive or
negative amount.]
h. “About me flames my Father’s face, the Star of Force and Fire.”
[My Father is this case is Baphomet, the All-Father of the Knights
Templars. The Averse pentagram is occasionally drawn with Baphomet’s
face within its points, the two upward points being the horns, the
lowest point his beard. See the well-known logo of the Church of
i. “And in the Column stands His six-rayed Splendour!”
[Note: flames, father’s, face, force, fire. Five F’s. Qabalistically,
F is Vau = 6, thus we have the 5 and 6 combined. 5×6=30.
Stands, six-rayed, splendour. Three S’s. Qabalistically, S is Samekh
= 60. 3×60=180. Plus the 30 from the previous line gives us a total
of 210 = NOX.]
(This dance may be omitted, and the whole utterance chanted in the
attitude of Phthah.)
This is identical with the First Gesture.


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