What is a Dark Jedi & Who Cut Your Hair, Man?

To Be a Dark Jedi?

A dark Jedi. The connotations imply a selfish darksider who seeks power for himself alone. Angry and tormented but without the discipline of a Sith. This definition is NOT what I am speaking of.

My view of Dark Jedi is one who embraces both the path of the Jedi and the path of the Dark Side.(Sith, Krath, etc.) One who feels that either side is too limiting in its scope.

The Code of the Dark Jedi by Seti I Shadim

I am the walker between worlds
born of light & shadow
I embrace the All.
I hunt the Great Mystery.

I am known by names innumerable:
Jedi, Sith, Shadow & Krath.

I am the child of love & hate
cruelty & compassion.

I do not hunger for power
nor am I a selfless servant.

My code is honor and knowledge
My way is not balance.

I am a stalker of knowledge
for the sake of knowledge alone.

I am a Dark Jedi
seeking the ancient sophia
to drink the elixir, the dark ambrosia
from the fount of the forgotten Gods.


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