“Kindness in the Heart of Darkness?”

This is a piece from The Dark Jedi Order. (RPG)I’ve had it on a floppy for a long time. I frankly don’t recall the author but it has some interesting ideas.
 For thousands of years the Force has been divided into two parts; the Light and the Dark Sides.  And for thousands of years, there have been almost set personalities for each part of the Force.  Light-Siders have been kind, wise, generous, and dedicated, while those of the Dark Side have been cruel, powerful, frightening, but also dedicated. 
 But, I find it hard to believe that there are set “codes of personality,” so to speak, the each Force-user must follow.  Has there ever been a Jedi who was less generous than others would have had him be?  What about a Dark Jedi that was more friendly than cruel?
 As I’ve risen through the ranks of the Dark Jedi Order, I’ve found it hard to be as cruel as the standard Dark Jedi appears.  I don’t like killing people just because I can, I don’t need power, I don’t even want many material possessions.  Instead, I use my powers with the Force to serve the Emperor, and promote his Empire throughout the galaxy.  His will might force me to take actions that could be considered of the Dark Side, but, my drive is different than those of the “standard” Dark Jedi, if such a thing could be said about a group of people so diverse as the Dark Jedi.
 Naturally, there are very many Dark Jedi, among the Sith, the Krath, and everything in between, that do fit the common mold that has been placed on us by the galaxy.  Many of them do seek only after power, many of them are very cruel, most are very frightening.  But, is that a good thing?  Can we be feared and still be kind?  Do we need to be feared at all?
 With this paper, I would like to explore the posibility of the Dark Jedi being less cruel and ruthless, and being able to gain atleast the respect of the people of the Galaxy, and yet mantain our standards.  When I first thought of this, I realized that I’m not as cruel as I could be, and that I’m not as cruel as most Dark Jedi choose to be.  But, would that be a weakness or a strength?

 Life among the Dark Jedi has never been easy; throughout our existance, we have been hunted and destroyed while we too destroyed or controlled.  Along the lines, we’ve learned tricks with the Force, new powers to help us along the way, to help us survive.  They utilize the Dark Side, or atleast a part of the Force that is more sinister than the other.
 But, across the galaxy, lifeforms have developed cruel, and often sickening, means of defending themselves.  Are the Dark Jedi any different?  Because we use these things to protect our assets, or help them grow most of the time, we are the most evil thing in the galaxy?  Are there not whole races that do the sorts of things that we do, only without the “magical” power of the Force?
 And yet, there are species of creatures that are put in the same position and react much, much differently.  Can not a Dark Jedi do the same?  Could one Dark Jedi be the rancor, while another reacts less like a predator?  Personally, I like to think that Dark Jedi can decide on how they react to things; they do not have to be the mindless predators that the galaxy conveys them as.
 I’ve been on a number of missions for the Imperial Order, and many for the Dark Jedi Order.  Killing people is a part of the life of any soldier, and more a part of life for a Dark Jedi.  But, I’ve found that I don’t kill people without remorse, unlike what many think the Dark Side to be like.  In killing I find sorrow, but in serving the Emperor I find pride, honor, a cause, and satisfaction.
 But, despite the feelings I get when I serve the Emperor, I must kill to do it.  Killing has given me power, practice with the Force, trust of those around me, and the like.  But, it still causes pain to see the faces of those I have killed when I sleep.  The question is, do we have to kill without remorse in order to be a true Dark Jedi?  Does the galaxy have to think that we are monsters in order for us to maintain control?
 My idea is this: What if the Dark Jedi could gain the loyalty of the galaxy not through frightening them into submission, but through fellowship, trust, and maybe even love?  We could do the same things we do now– destroy threats to the Empire and the Dark Side– and still gain the trust of the general people, could we not?  Simply by inflicting less pain and suffering on the general population, we could have a whole galaxy of followers that would fight besides us without us having to watch our backs as much.
 This would require some change in the minds of some of our fellow servants, and maybe even some disipline for the destruction of innocents, but overall, would it not be great to have people respect us instead of fear us?  Would it not be more useful to, instead of destroying people needlessly, use them for our cause?
 The Dark Jedi have always been feared because of our great power, our drive, and dedication to something we set our minds to.  These are all things that could be used to inspire trust and love in the people of the galaxy just as easily as it could to inspire fear and hate.  With a following of people, the Dark Jedi could be even more powerful than they are now, and still maintain control over the Rebels throughout the galaxy as well as Light Jedi.
 Such a thing would take much work on our behalf, and a slight change in thinking.  Many of our missions would have to be aimed more at the good of the people instead of the good of the Empire.  We wouldn’t, of course, let the Empire faulter, we would simply take more missions, or when there is a lull in combat, perhaps find something to help the people of the Empire.  Maybe target criminals on Coruscant, or dictators in systems out of touch with the Fleets of the Empire and the like.  The Dark Jedi could do good and still accomplish the goal of controlling the galaxy.
 The average person fears us, and this puts them into submission, but they won’t help us unless we force them to.  But, if we were to gain their trust and love, they would be more willing to help if the need arose.  One of the main advantages of the LIght Side is that people like them for what they do, and they’re more willing to help and aid them.  If we were to steal that ability from them, we would have even more of an advantage than we do now.  With that, I believe we would have the boost we need to ensure that the Dark Side prevails.
 Not only would we be more able to kill Light Jedi, due to help from outsiders with both fighting power and information, we would help to make sure that less Jedi arise later on.  As people love us more, they will begin to hate the Light Side.  This will in turn decrease their recruiting efforts, and increase our own.  With more numbers filling our ranks, and fewer joining their’s, we would have even more of an advantage. 
 Along with the numerical and military advantages, I think it would help those of our ranks such as myself, that do have compassion, to feel a sense of goodness and that they are helping the common person of the galaxy.  But, the problem with this is that with these feelings of goodness, being a Dark Jedi very well might change.  The Dark Jedi as a whole would change. 
 Of course, we would still be able to use Dark Side powers, and choke the life out of people, or bring down storms of lighting on a single person, or even whole cities populated by Rebels.  But, with compassionate feelings, the effectiveness of the individual servant might just change.  He might become more like the Light Jedi, week and predictable. 
 Much of my paper has been “maybe’s” and “perhaps,” but if it were given a shot, maybe it would work, and maybe it would not.  My only worry about the plan, besides the fact that some of the Dark Jedi might not like giving up their current ways, is that we will change as a people.
 If we were to become kind to the common people, would we be any better than the Light Jedi?  We might just become as them, and in turn loose control of the galaxy.  But, given a chance, it might just let us control it.  I think that it’s worth the risk; given that we can change back to our old selves if it fails anyway.  It would cost us little if it failed, and give us everything if it succeeded.
 But, with the current mindset of the Dark Jedi Order, I doubt that my idea will ever come into effect, unless I request missions for myself that will further the cause.  Though, one person will not have much of an effect.  I intend to try, though.
 Even with one person set as a hero for the people, they may find that the Dark Jedi aren’t as bas as they may seem; that they do try and help them.  By myself, I could hopefully sway the minds of a few people so that they will see us more as a force of protecting them, and less as someone set up only to gain power for the Empire. 
 But, in order to be able to survive on dangerous and important missions on my own, I’m afraid that I must be more powerful in the Force, and for that I must train harder and longer.  So, for the time being, I will follow the normal Dark Jedi format and continue to serve the Emperor as he sees fit.  Hopefully, though, in the future, we will have a “humanitarian” arm of the Dark Jedi Order.  A part of the Order that will focus more on the downfall of evil dictators, or of criminal rings, and things of that magnitude.  Not only with it help the Empire gain more systems and power, it will increase the moral of the whole Empire, and the Dark Jedi Order in particular.
 Overall, I think that if the Dark Jedi Order were to help the galaxy as a whole, we will only help ourselves.  We can decrease the threat to ourselves, while increasing our number.  Internal threats have always been a problem in the Empire, and with the people on our side, not only with we have informants, but the number of people who wish to defy the Empire will decrease. 
 And, as always, morale is a key factor to our military might.  If certain members of the Dark Jedi Order were able to act on their will to help people they would be happier.  But, not only would our military men have a higher morale, the galaxy as a whole would.  With powerful men defending their wants, lives, and needs, they will feel much more secure about their government, ruler, and Empire. 
 I’m not saying that in order to become more powerful, we become like the Light Jedi.  Simply, I’m saying that in order to become more powerful, we must change our ways slightly.  Instead of using people and then disposing of them, if we show the people that we are here to help them and place a lasting government we will gain the needed power.


One response to ““Kindness in the Heart of Darkness?”

  1. I like this article. To me what the author describes is the natural way of things. In movies everything is simplified to black and white. In truth there can’t be any organized structure of people and this people to have any progress in anything if they all only feel cruelty, selfishness, power thirst, negativity. It just doesn’t happen. It is never enough to have things move.

    I see Dark Jedi as human beings, just as deep and complicated as all others are. Meddling with certain powers (lets say of the Dark Side/Light side) can affect one’s being but only if he meddles too much and wants to abandon all that is making him human. But IMO the purpose is not this.

    I’ve always been a supporter of the Empire and most of all imperial military forces. They feel to me as very sincere people of honor, duty and order.

    Thanks for sharing the article 🙂

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