Ritual for Invoking Set

“The author assumes no responsibility for what may result. The
            psychologically immature and the emotionally unstable should not
            attempt this! Those who refuse to face reality will most likely wind
            up destroying themselves.

            Prepare to surrender yourself to the will of the Aeon!

            We will address the Prince of darkness in His original form as
            “Set,” Egyptian God of the Psyche. This allows the mystic an
            untarnished appreciation of this most ancient and revered deity.

            Once you begin to see “beneath the skin,” the true nature of Set
            reveals Itself.

            This is not a “formal” ritual–it is a meditative exercize.

            Physical Preparations
            The altar should be draped w/ a black cloth and the Pentagram of Set
            should be present.

            Place a chair in front of the altar, making sure that the pentagram
            is at eye level. A sterno holds the Black Flame. Black candles can
            provide additional light, but should be used sparingly.

            Relax, while gazing into the pentagram, attempt to “project” your
            consciousness into the symbol. Repeat these words –
            “I join with Set.”

            Once you have convinced yourself that you are “there” mentally,
            imagine yourself merging, becoming one with the personality behind
            the symbol. With total self-confidence, keep asserting “I am Set!”

            Chant it softly. Feel it. Believe it. Do this no more than an hour
            or so.

            Whe you are finished, put out the candles and go to bed. (The best
            time for this is before sleeping.)

            NOTE: It is up to the mage whether or not to banish. ”


One response to “Ritual for Invoking Set

  1. i love you for putting this up here…=)

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