Book of Knowing the Spiral Force of Re and the Felling of Apep

            Book of Knowing the Spiral Force of Re and the Felling of Apep

            From the Bremner-Rhind Papyrus. A Powerful Spell for exorcising Apep,
            the Force of Delusion and mindless Chaos. This Spell is also useful
            in exorcising any and all “demons” of the psyche. Simply read it out
            loud forcefully, and then repeat the last paragraph 3 times.  

            The Lord of the Limit says: Xepera Xeper Xeperu.
            I Came Into Being on the First Occasion. I Came Into Being in the
            shape of Xepera, and that is how “Being” Came Into Being. I was the
            First Cause of the First Causes and my name was more primeval then
            the primeval ones I made.
            I did all I desired in this land and pervaded all of it.
            Being Alone I knit my own hand before I made Shu or spat Tefnut. I
            used my mouth and “Magic” was my Name. It was I who Came Into Being
            in my shape. I Came Into Being and there Came Into Being a number of
            primeval ones. I alone achieved this.
            There was none who could act in my place. I alone achieved this in
            my Soul; I created some of them in Nun as Inert Ones, when I could
            as yet find no place to stand. I considered my Mind, I surveyed with
            my sight and I alone achieved all that was made; I planned in my
            Mind I created another being, and manifold were the Shapes of
            Xepera; their children Came Into Being after the manner of those
            It was I who spat out Shu and expectorated Tefnut. I aroused myself
            with my hand and swallowing my own seed spat it forth again as Shu
            and Tefnut. They went beyond me into Nun where they rejoiced. I who
            had Come Into Being alone now knew of three other gods. I waited for
            two eternities for Shu and Tefnut to return to me.
            Nun brought them up. I made an Eye and sent after them. My Eye
            brought them back to me and I united myself. I wept over the whole
            of my being and from my tears did mankind Come Into Being. My Eye
            was angered that I had grown another Eye in its absence. I pulled my
            second Eye from my face and made it the arranger of destiny.
            And Shu and Tefnut begat Geb and Nuit and Geb and Nuit begat in one
            birth Osiris, Horus the blinded, Set, Isis, and Nepthys and they
            begat and begat and created many children on Earth and are linked to
            children bearing their Forms.
            They made conjuration that they might fell their foes. They created
            magic spells for felling Apep. He is imprisoned in the arms of Aker,
            he had neither arms nor legs, and is bound in one place, according
            to Re who obstructs him, for Re has commanded that he be felled on
            account of his evil character. Children fell him and sunder his soul
            from his shade–he is despoiled and there will be no more portion
            for him in the land of Desire. Those in the North, in the West, in
            the South, and in the East have felled him.
            O you sages on Earth and you Nine Gods who Came Into Being from my
            flesh, be vigilant in felling Apep. Exorcise him and destroy his
            name, do not permit his name to be spread abroad; his children shall
            not exist, his seat shall not exist, and he shall have neither soul
            nor body nor spirit, for he belongs to the Eye of Re, and it has
            power over him and it devours him. I am he who has commited Apep to
            the Flame. I have allotted him to the heat, I have given him over to
            the Eye of Re which has parched him. It has consumed his body, soul,
            spirit, shade, and magic. He shall neither copulate nor become erect


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