Halloween Working (from Setian archive)

X) Drink from Grail, leaving at least 1/4th of the fluid in the Cup.

XI) Summoning of the Elements: Use the first two fingers of the right hand to trace the sigils in the air, while vibrating:

MOR sigil-

DIAL sigil-

HCTGA sigil-

ICZHHCAL (no sigil)

Recite the 5th Enochian Key

Sapah zimii duiv od noas taqanis adroch, dorphal caosg od faonts
piripsol tablior. Casarm amipzi nazarth af od dlugar zizop zlida
caosgi toltorgi, od zizop zchis esiasch l tauiu od iaod thild ds
hubar peoal soba cormfa chista la vls od qcocasb. Ca niis od darbs
qaas; fetharzi od bliora; iaial ednas cicles; ba-gle? Ge-jad il.

Recite the 15th Enochian Key

Ils tabaan lialprt casarman upaahi chis darg ds okido caosgi orscor;
ds omax monasci baeouib od emetgis iaiadix. Zacar od zamran, odo cicle
qaa zorge, lap zirdo noco mad, hoath Iaida.

Invoke the Six Seniors of the Earth Tablet while tracing a Hexagram, one name per point.
Begin with the downward pointing triangle, upper left point, moving to the right.
The second Triangle is started at the lower right point, moving up.
The Names in order-


SPMNIR sigil-

ILPIZ sigil-

TAOM (no sigil)
MSAL; IABA; IZXP; STIM (no sigils)

XII) The Working- Stand South, facing North. Envision the KA in the North facing South-
standing upon a mound of sand and holding the Tcham sceptre in its right hand.
Taking the censer, circle the KA 4 times counter-clockwise, censing it, while saying:
“You are Pure, you are Pure, O Set” x4
Replace the censer and take up the Grail and again circle the KA 4 times sprinkling
from the Grail while saying:
“You are Pure, you are Pure. Your purifications are the purifications of Set, and Set’s purifications are your purifications.”
“You are Pure, you are Pure. Your purifications are the purifications of Horus, and Horus’ purifications are your purifications.”
“You are Pure, you are Pure. Your… Thoth.”
“You are Pure, you are Pure. Your… Amon.”

Replace Grail upon altar.

“You are Pure, O Set. That which is in the two Eyes of Horus has been presented to You, and the Grail of Thoth has purified you
so that there may not exist in you that destruction which does not appertain to you.”
Take up the Fire Wand, and elevating, circle the KA 4 times while saying:
“You are Pure, you are Pure, O Set.” x4

Face the KA and with the Fire Wand, trace the Pentagram of Set before it
(starting at lowest point, moving up to the right) and say:

“Pure is the fire from the South, Pure is the Fire which opens your mouth,
Hail Set! An outflowing of Set is Fire! An outflowing of Horus is Fire!
The Heart will Come into Being! The Fire of your mouth makes Pure the gods
who are in your following!”

Replace wand and take up Earth Pentacle. Elevate it and circle 4 times,
“You have Come into Being in Earth. You have Remanifested in Earth-
“Your Xeper is the Xeper of Set, and Set’s Xeper is your Xeper”
“Your Xeper… Horus”
“Your Xeper… Thoth”
“Your Xeper… Amon”

Face the KA and with the Earth pentacle, trace the Pentagram of Set (same as above) and say:

“You have Come into Being among your brethren, among the gods. Your mouth is the mouth of a
sucking calf on the day whereon he is born.”

Replace the pentacle, and envision the eyes and mouth of the KA glowing brightly.
Raise arms and proclaim:

“The KA is pure- the KA has Come into Being. There is the Shadow, and there is no impurity therein!”

Envision the Heart of the KA glowing brightly.

“Hail Set! I have come to embrace you. I am your beloved and I have opened for you your mouth-
I have opened for you your two eyes. Your body shall walk and talk and Work your Will upon this Earth.
You shall rise up as a King of the North! You shall rise up as a King of the South! You are endowed with
strength like all the gods!”

The Dressing of the KA-

Envision a Nemyss of Black appearing on the KA and say:
“Behold the Nemyss; the gods array you in the Opening of Darkness and you are arrayed therein.”

Envision a Black Robe appearing about the KA and say:

“Receive this apparel, receive this garment. Set arrayed himself therein as his garment
and he walked the earth as one so dressed. You have Come into Being!”

Envision then the Pentagram of Set medallion appearing about the KA’s neck and say:

“Homage to you, homage to Xepera, homage to you who is exalted upon your High Place,
upon your Seat behind the Constellation of the Thigh!”

Again elevate hands and say:

“Hail Set, who lives in Maat”
“Hail Set, who feeds upon Maat”
“Hail Set, who rejoices in Maat”
“Hail Set, who is united to Maat”
“Hail Set, who is perfect in Maat”
“Hail Set, who flourishes in Maat”
“Hail Set, who Comes into Being in Maat”
“Hail Set, who is strong in Maat.”

At this point, transfer the BA to the KA so completely that you cannot
sense the division between you, envisioning your body as the purified
and exalted KA, and seeing through its eyes.

At this point, any manipulative or transformative Work may be accomplished,
or if self-transformation is the only goal- rest in the exalted state
of the purified KA.

Upon completion, the BA is re-absorbed into your physical body.
All external elements (Enochian and other) dissolve and are absorbed
into the KA. The “dressings” are then dissolved and absorbed by the
KA in reverse order (medallion, Robe, Nemyss). The KA is then dissolved-
leaving the operant as the sole “Being” in his subjective universe-
the Isolate Intelligence. Rest in this state for a period.

VIII) Extinguish the Black Flame

IX) Ring the bell, as in the beginning III III III

X) “So it is Done!”

(Written by Adept II* Xennu En Set.)


4 responses to “Halloween Working (from Setian archive)

  1. Hey! I wrote this – though as an Adept II*, not a Setian I*

    You can’t imagine how surprised I am to see this still floating around – though I’m curious as to why you’re leaving off the first nine steps (I through IX).

    Are those just missing?

    The Former “Xennu En Set” 🙂

  2. Actually steps I-X were lost in a computer crash & I’ve been trying to recover them. Do you mind if I keep these up here? I tried to see if you were still around, but had no luck. lol But I like how you merged the Egyptian & Tibetan elements.:)


    p.s. Correction noted. Sorry about that.

  3. I’m still around, and don’t mind you keeping these up at all. In fact, I’d long ago lost the original material (though I’m sure there are a handful of newsletters with it sitting around in some Setian’s closet somewhere. If you find ’em, you can use ’em. 🙂


  4. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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