A Preliminary Invocation of Set(for use in ritual)

In the name of Set, Ruler of the Earth,

I enter the world of creation to become one with thee.

O Mighty Set,

guide me through my path of becoming

and become one with me

as I am one with thee.

May my eyes become the eyes of Set,

my strength become the strength of Set,

my will become the will of Set

for I am the earth,

I am the sky,

I am the water in the desert,

I am the fire that burns within man.

I am Life, Death, and Life in Death.


and this is what makes me divine.

Lord Set, witness as I take the first step

unto the path of creation

by the forces that are mine to command.

I do invoke and conjure thee

to bear witness.


5 responses to “A Preliminary Invocation of Set(for use in ritual)

  1. Looks almost exactly like something I read elsewhere…..all your own work is it?

  2. This is not my work. No. It comes from an old Setian website of someone who called himself Xeperu I think. The printout I have is fairly worn. The site went down in 2000, hence why it is uncredited since I cannot find the person’s name. Why do you ask?

  3. this is a wonerful invocation but is there anything else out there e bit more “elaborate” ?


    • Steve- False gods? I think not o brain damaged one. Please keep your 9-11 conspiracy bullshit to yourself. N-kay? Oh & I removed your link. Merry Christmas!

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