The HUNA BREATH:A Breath technique


The Huna Breath (the larger wave) is a combination of 4 sets of 4 inhalations/exhalations of the smaller wave (the Dolphin Breath).


The Dolphin Breath (the smaller wave) consists of the following movements: (1) hold the image of inhaling upward from the feet & downward from just above the head, simultaneously, (2) image the breath meeting at the heart chakra (pausing), and (3) image the exhalation as flowing outward from the heart chakra into one’s surrounding energy body.

Repeat the Dolphin Breath for 4 sets of 4 breaths to complete one Huna Breath. Pause, without breathing, for five seconds between each set and sense the outer energy body. Energy gathered with intention, stored with intention, and offered with intention is an integral key to the success of this meditation.

Next prepare to send your intention to the supraconcious (High Self) in as concise visual/emotional terms as possible. ( It can be beneficial to pursue an open inquiry: to request whatever information would be of most value at the present moment).

Gather the energy you have stored and send this as a gift to the higher aspects of self (above the crown chakra).

Activate the emotional body by considering the importance of pursuing this information and the contact with that part of your self that possesses far reaching vision. Visualize your request clearly, and with as much detail, as possible. If the request is specific and a timeframe for completion is appropriate, then give one.

Gather the intention into an energy ball, and ask Low Self (subconscious) to relay your message to High Self (superconscious). Allow the energy to rise from your feet to the top of your head. Now release the intention to that space beyond your physical form. Give thanks to the higher aspects of self for the information you will receive. And wait, without expectation, with as little preconception and wandering thought as possible.

It is helpful to record whatever impressions you receive. This signals the subconscious that you are indeed listening. The subconscious is your relay mechanism. If it perceives that you (conscious mind) aren’t truly interested in the answer, it tends to ignore your request to deliver the question.


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