TAOIST CALMING BREATH is a series of slow, complete breath cycles, synchronized with specific hand-arm movement patterns.

This sequence helps to:

-reduce physical tensions

-enrich and purify the blood

-increase the “Chi’ circulation throughout the body.

Note: Employ “even breathing” in timing with the movement patterns.

Movement should be done slowly.

Breathe in through the nose and exhale out through the mouth by whispering “Haaaa”.



Stand comfortably with your feet at least shoulder width apart.

Start movements with hands in resting position, like setting hands on top of a table.

Turn palms over and bring palms up to shoulder height (inhale).

Turn palms up and push arms straight up (exhale).

Turn palms in toward each other and extend arms out to the sides (inhale).

Extend arms towards front of chest with palms facing each other (exhale).

Turn palms facing down and draw arms to chest (inhale).

Now push hands straight down to resting position while exhaling.



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