Exercises in Neuro-Magick

Excersises in Neuro-Magick
by- Frater Algazel

Part 1 – Theory Preliminary Excersises
       This series of articles has grown out of a number of different activities, ‘magickal’ or otherwise, that I have been playing with for nearly one and a half years. The various threads of this work have recently come together as a whole in a way quite unexpected. The main purpose in presenting this information to you is the hope that others might experiment with these techniques and confirm, disprove, or further my own findings. I also hope that you will discover the same benefits that I feel I have gained through these experiments with my own neurology. I must point out here and now that the results achieved are of a subtle nature yet of a manner that appears to affect one entirely. Profound? Gibberish? Well shit, just do the experiments and judge for yr-self

       Allow me to explain the general nature of this work. I called this series ‘Exercises in Neuro-Magick’ because they are designed to explicitly work with, and shape, your brain’s neurological functioning in a new way. Specifically I am referring to the balancing of the two hemispheres of the brain so that one may benefit from increasing ‘whole-brain’ communication. The reason for this is that research appears to indicate that most people are dominated by one hemisphere and this in turn has an effect on One’s very ‘being’ in terms of behavior, personality, and thinking processes. As a generaLIEzation right-handed people tend to be left-brain dominant (the left-hemisphere deals with the right hand side of the body) and left-handed people are right-brain dominant (the right hemisphere deals with the left side of the body).

Excersise 1
  Find a cheap children’s ‘join the dots’ book and choose one to do. Photo-copy, or ‘Xerox’ if your American 😉 that page so that you have two copies.

With the first copy, and using your RIGHT-HAND, begin joining the dots as you normally would until you have the fully formed picture. Allow yourself to be open to any self-observation that might be of interest and note the nature of those observations.

With the second copy, and using your LEFT-HAND, begin joining the dots in any way or order that seems ‘pleasing’ or ‘interesting’ to you. Just let the lines flow without preconception of any specific image. There is no wrong result here. Again notice the kind of thought processes etc. that occur.

       Well done! You have just explicitly utilized both hemispheres in accordance with their general characteristics!

       In (extremely) general it might be said that the left hemisphere specializes in linear processes and the right hemisphere deals with more ambiguous non-linear processes. I am being deliberately vague because I want you to find out for yourself what the more specific characteristics are. Never believe anything too readily until you check it out for yr-self!

Excersise 2
  Discover for yourself the general characteristics inherent in each hemisphere of the brain. This will require little effort as a quick glance on the Internet or in a decent book on psychology, neurology or the structure of the brain will quickly present such information.  
       Now that you have a solid grasp of the hemispherical characteristics I want you to apply this knowledge to your actual experience of the world, and more specifically to people you know.
Excersise 3
  The majority of people appear to be right-handed and therefore it would be more useful to think now of any friends and associates who are left-handed and consider their general interests and ways of thinking, behaving, communicating and perceiving the world around them.. Notice if they show a strong ‘right-brain’ dominance.

Note: There are no hard and fast rules with human beings and other factors such as environment and conditioning have at least as much influence on an individual’s general way of being. Just notice if there are correlations or not and form your own opinion. There is no correct answer.

       I suspect that you might have an inkling of hemispherical influence in the people you studied. Allow me to present examples of my two ‘south-paw’ friends:

       One is the most artistically inclined person I have ever met and has pursued this interest through higher education. He is well known for being ‘different’ (or weird, lol) and in his world perceptions he certainly ‘joins the dots’ in interesting ways…

       The second has little or no appreciation for overtly ‘artsy’ things yet has had a long history of interest in such things as the Occult, Magick, hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He also experienced a ‘mental episode’ at an early point in his life in which the way he ‘joined the dots’ was becoming extremely debilitating (completely nutty).

       People with right hemispherical dominance tend to be subject to a higher degree of ‘intuitions’ and are sometimes more ‘sensitive’ to ‘things’… Oh yes! We are in the land of the vague and illogical. Also more prone to such things are of course the ‘fairer sex’ – ‘women’s intuition’ ring a bell? This is not because Women tend toward left-handedness but due to another factor involved in our discussion of the hemispheres – the Corpus Callosum.

       The Corpus Callosum is the piece of brain architecture that links and facilitates communication between the two hemispheres and it is easy to correlate the fact that in Women the Corpus Callosum is significantly larger than that of Males thus enabling greater communication between hemispheres hence a greater propensity for ‘intuitions’ and other related right-brain phenomena. Although I know jack-shit about him apparently the psychic Edgar Cayce (beloved of the Weekly World News et al.) was found, post mortem, to have a significantly oversized Corpus Callosum.

       An interesting property of this neural pathway is that it can be ‘exercised’ and, if memory serves me correctly (emails please…), it can physically increase in size with such exercise. In the next part of this article I shall be discussing just how to go about doing that.

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